Review of Bombay Coffee House

Review of Bombay Coffee House
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Bombay coffee house is a name conjures an era gone by, this patisserie and boulangerie have opened in March 2016 with their first flagship outlet at Bandra. (As far as I know.)
I tried visiting this place thrice and every time I came here in the morning, it was closed. On interacting with their official twitter handle @BombayCH, they informed me that since it was the first week, they were opening only after 12 pm. On further query today, they say, by 15 of April, the store will start operations by 9 am.
My feeling is the place is a mom&pop store so the service wouldn’t be efficient but it would be effective, due to the personal attention of the owners.
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The coffee shop is beautifully made, with a look and feel which would take you back to the golden 60’s. For people who are thinking about working from this place, the seats can be uncomfortable especially if you are in the work mode on a laptop. I found the gap between the table and the sofa a bit too much, the design of the furniture is more intended for casual dining than a workplace. But they have work desk at the entrance if you need better posture while working.
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I bumped into a Bandra boy @rahulnanda86, who was busy writing, on pushing him for recommendations, he recommends the Vietnamese iced coffee and the iced caramel coffee
I haven’t yet tried the food here, but the place seems to have a live kitchen, and they have an all day breakfast option. Everything here is reasonably priced and quite pocket-friendly, something which we lately haven’t been experiencing with Bandra cafes.
They have poha at 60 bucks and a bowl of fruit at 90 Rs, of course, the taxes would be additional. The meals are at around Rs 250, and the coffee and tea is priced at 120 and 100 respectively.
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I have given up coffee for now but overheard a lady asking the waiter, that the coffee was excellent and what coffee do they use, the server replied that they use a blend which they get it from Karnataka. So if you happen to taste the coffee, do let me know how was the coffee and your opinion of Bombay coffee house.