Review of Cairo grill

Review of Cairo grill

This is the most fresh review you would read about a food place, I just had a Falafel Showarma at the newly opened Cairo Grill after reading a review in Midday and I wasnt disspointed atall.

Cairo grill looks like family owned venture, and its a small hole in the wall outlet which you might miss out if you dont look hard enough. The shop is located on the 15th road, next to Bru world cafe or rather opposite to Swadee Spa.

The fare is Meditarean, though you will find New York style inspired chicken and rice on menu costing Rs 250/- . The owner says its a quite huge platter and filling for one.

Overall it looks like a promising place if you are QSR person like me. There isnt much place to hang around, but you have neat granite benches outside to sit your ass.

Let us know, what is your favorite dish here?