Review of Doolally Taproom - A place for geeks to hang around.

Review of Doolally Taproom - A place for geeks to hang around.

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Having heard a lot from people who travel to Pune about this doollaly microbrewery. After much ado they finally opened up at ONGC colony at Bandra reclamation.

It’s a fairly spacious, brightly lit up place with a very young crowd, most who seem to be from twitter, if you want a tweetup anytime, just head over to this place. I met @Netra @Arpiit and @Shibanigharat here. What a wonderful thing isn’t it, otherwise you hardly meet online people in real life.

Now coming to the beer, i tried the apple cider  and the hefe wizen brew all priced at Rs 250/pint. I am not much of a connoisseur, but its definitely better than the pissed up beers like King fisher and Tuborg. But then I am right now hooked to the German beer Erdinger Dunkel. I didn’t find the same body to the beer and found the beer a bit harsh while gulping down. But still its a welcome change.

I didn’t order much food, as this was a working pub up. But the BBB Bombay duck fried in beer batter and served with thecha (green chilli dip) was a bit too oily. I would have preferred it a bit crisper like the Gajalee variety.

Anyway, being a weekday (Monday) its almost 100% capacity, don’t even think about coming here on weekends, if you don’t mind just standing around. But i guess, this place has given a reason for geeks to hang around in bandra.

MUSIC – Carry your ear phones and playlist.

WIFI – Not working on this day.