Review of “India, the Musical” currently being performed at St Andrews Auditorium

A magical music and dance extravaganza, India, the Musical, is currently being performed at St Andrews Auditorium. This very entertaining mammoth production has been written and conceptualised by the very talented Harshall Kamat, who runs the MAD Dance Company and it has has been produced by Felicity Theatre in Association with BookMyShow Live.“India, the Musical”, is an energetic and exhilarating musical dance drama that engages the audience in an immersive way by thrusting the performers into the auditorium, as many a time dancers come into the auditorium to perform. This makes the experience more exciting for the audience.This show is a combination of some dazzling dance sequences and some intense story-telling. In fact, the main events of the entire history of our country are conveyed through this show in a most creative and entertaining fashion. Harshall Kamat, has not only directed this show, but he also acts as the Sutradhar who takes the audience down memory lane, to showcase our country’s history. From the time the British, the French and the Portuguese came to conquer India, till the time we got our independence, various important events in our history are enacted on stage. This is done through some extravagant and exuberant dance pieces that are danced to some original as well as known musical numbers. From Bollywood style dancing to Bboying, to jazz dancing, and classical Indian dance, this group of dancers could handle every form of dance! What makes this show even more visually exciting, are the colourful costumes, the fabulous LED set projections that form the various stage backdrops, and also other props, like a cannon on stage, a large Ganpati pandal, and more.

St Andrews Auditorium

This musical with its intricate presentation of the history and culture of India is really a most absorbing show. From the kings and their kingdoms, to the land and its invaders, from its European influences to its authentically deep rooted culture, from the story of Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi, to Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Mangal Pandey, from Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Subash Chandra Bose, and finally to our independence, the audience is led through this entire sweep of our nation’s history in a most unique and entertaining manner.This is followed by showcasing our culture and presenting it through dance. The North is presented through colourful Punjabi costumes and the ensemble on stage doing some vigorous Bhangra dancing, followed by the South, portraying authentic Kathakali and Bharatnatyam dancing as well as some scintillating Kalaripayattu movements, then followed a brilliant tableaux from the East, highlighting the Durga Puja festival, through Chau dancing as well as Mohiniattam. Lastly the West of our country, showed us their dancing prowess through some superb Garba dancing during Navratri.However, what sets the show apart is that along with all the fun and entertainment, it also gives us a message, as its climax makes, the audience ponder over the real meaning of “freedom “. Since forces of religious intolerance and facism have lead to many instances of terrorism that have touched our daily lives, we need to value our independence and protect it. The Sutradhar did not speak about Mahatma Gandhi till this point, but the play culminates in lauding and venerating this larger than life personality, who “taught us to fight without a fight”! Further shows are planned so please look out for them on BookMyShow.