Bandra wanted a south Indian place and it has finally got one. The owners of Madras Diaries have sensed this long felt gap and tried to fill it to the best they could. Fortunately they have got a run down building (which houses other places like Queenie’s Jewels and Stomach restaurant) to set this venture up. If the business has to survive, rent needs to be very slow. No hipster is going to pay Rs 300 for a plate of Idli. BTW Steam Idli is priced at Rs 110/ + GST.

The only think authentically madras about this place would be the dishes. The servers could very well be suited for some expensive Chinese restaurant. The decor of the place is Indian fusion. The bright coloured yellow doors and and the brick walls go well. Then there are these study desk in the alfresco section which give a bit of dignity and add richness and help one forget the dilapidated condition of the building. There are these windows with antique design which don’t open. There are planters (artificial?) hanging in the alfresco section which cools they eye in the summer.

The inside air-conditioner section section is pretty neat also. But I am always seated outside.

Note – The filter coffee after many complaints from other popular review sites has been made stronger.