Review of Uber - premium car hire service.

Review of Uber - premium car hire service.


20140314-110241.jpgThe overview

Uber is a really cool premium car hire service which recently launched in Mumbai. After reading a few reports on the same I downloaded their app on my iPhone and almost booked a cab when I had no intention of going anywhere. You just need to set up a pick up point (which it geo-locates you via the app). As soon as I had clicked on the pick me up, I could see that a Honda civic was going to reach me in 3 minutes. I immediately cancelled the trip as I was just fiddling with the app. (yes, you can cancel the trip from the app itself). But that left me very impressed.

So yesterday I had to go to NCPA and being lazy to drive, I decided to give uber a try. Despite it being a premium service which charges about Rs 17/km + a Rs 2/min , I decided to go for it, since I had a discount code of Rs 500 to redeem.

The Ride

My ride arrived in about 17 mins, but they had sent a Toyota innova which I hate much for it’s rolling ride quality, other than that, the car was in good condition with a English speaking driver well dressed in crisp black and white clothes.

Iam not much of a cab person, I choose to drive my own small car to wherever I need to go. So this ride got me very excited, a chauffeur driven car gives you so much freedom compared to driving yourself. I could drink my tea which I carried, receive phone calls, update my twitter feed, send emails.

I think the future is from driving your own car to hiring, there is no charm driving in Mumbai. The only issue is if your own car works out to be costlier or cheaper than a hired one?


Sorry for digressing, coming back to the ride. I reached NCPA in about 45 mins as per the app, and within minutes of getting off the cab, I received a SMS from the bank that my CC has been debited for 101 Rs. (Yes you need to register your Credit card in the app). This is the most convenient ride I have used.

The downside is it’s pretty damn expensive, my total bill was 601 from bandra to NCPA

You can also use this code to get Rs 300 off on signing in to uber “uberbandra“.

Do let me know other convenient forms of cab services as cools as. Uber.