This bright red communist coloured store at carters khau galli has nothing communist except the colour. All the chaats priced there can make capitalist salivate.

Carters khau galli has a high turnover and there are plenty of new eateries replacing the older ones. I take a walk here once a month, and can see atleast 2/3 new outlets during my monthly jaunts.

Being a Jhal Mudi (Kolkatta Bhel) fan, I had to go and check out this store. What’s nice is the store is neatly laid out. The Puchka guy is right outside where he should be and the hot off the pan, mung-dal chilla counter is at the entrance on the left and the Kulhar chai guy on the right. Inside the store is the cashier and the chaat guy.

The shape of shingada (samosa’s) and the jalebi will give you wet dreams. This is what bandra needed badly, a authentic taste of Kolkatta in Bandra and finally they have got it.

Except the strategically expensive priced menu I had nothing to complain, service was top class so was my jhal mudi. (Rs 70 ).

Highly recommend you check out this place and let us know, what other things are awesome here. I am keen to try the mung dal chilla (Rs 100/- and puchkas Rs 90/- next time around.

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