Pack-a-Pav has set up a cute shop at Pali Hill, this is in the same lane which comes down from Pali hill towards candies, take the first right coming down from Pali Hill. (Finding the place could be a challenge).

I have been craving for a burger, I didn’t want to spend Rs 350/- for a burger, though technically pack-a-Pav is not a burger, it could be a distant cousin and I went for it with all gusto.Not to take anything away from this genius of creation, pack-a-Pav is a well thought out and superbly executed product. The guys have been hugely successful on the flea market circuit, and the next progression was to set up an outlet in Bandra.

The outlet has no seating, and you order the pack-a-Pav watch them grill the kababs and the bread and serve you right off the grill. The taste or the formula is outstanding, the caramelised onions and the sauces used is delicious and the extra succulent Shami kabab makes this a great treat.

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