Review of Shah Ghouse (SG) Biryani by Food By Air.

Review of Shah Ghouse (SG) Biryani by Food By Air.


Ok, at the onset there is a confusion if the brand is “biryani by air” or “food by air”. But never mind let’s get to the Biryani.

Bandra is going through a Biryani crisis, since Arsalan which was known for it’s mildly flavoured Dum Biryani shut down due to rising rents and Golconda Bowl moved to much cheaper andheri/juhu.

Here comes the flamboyant Food (Biryani by Air) who promises to deliver authentic Hyderabadi Biryani experience by flying in your biryani straight from Hyderabad (in original packaging with 100 % pure meat certified label) within 7 hours ready to be served at your table hot. Isn’t that a marketing coup?

I mean can we impress our better halves or friends by saying we flew in a Hyderabadi biryani just for the occasion?

20140318-151128.jpgI ordered the Shah Ghouse (SG) mutton biryani (Rs 475) which came in a huge silver foiled pack. The quantity was ample though I ate all the mutton pieces which were well done and flavourful on day one and I am eating the rice for last 2 days. Don’t understand the logic behind so much rice, but yeah it can last for days, break a egg, or add some potatoes and put it in the oven and it can make a good second and third meal. If you have hungry kids at home this is a good deal I think.

Ordering was a bit buggy when my call was not answered the first day and second day they ran out of stock. (They usually run out of stock by 5pm). Third day I was lucky.

This is only a weekend service and you can book online.