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Review of Shumz Cafe at 29th Road.

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I have been watching the place for quite a while since the interiors were getting done, I thought the Sigdi guys were expanding next door.
But then one fine day, the shutter was open, and I hesitantly walked in to see what they had to offer. The name Shumz cafe didn’t make any sense, till the owner of the cafe a young man told me his name was Shums Hashmi.
As I entered the cafe the next day, Mr. Hashmi greeted me, and I said, I just want to have tea and work from his place if he doesn’t mind. He escorted me to a table which he says is meant for people who want to work without distractions. Ok, I played in and started working on getting my wifi set up. The Wifi turned out to be as good with speeds of 3.6 MBPS.
As I settled to work, I thought why not do a blog post about this cafe so started a conversation with Shums Hashmi.
Shums Hashmi says he has worked in the hospitality industry for almost 13 years, and this is his venture and besides this cafe, he is involved with a few turnkey projects in the hospitality sector.
I had all intentions of turning back to my urgent bludgeoning work but Shums then mentioned he has been a Bandra boy for last 13 years since he shifted from Juhu and has some insight about Bandra. So my conversation was going to be stretched.

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He says he maintains fresh stocks, the dynamics of the kitchen is such that, the chef even if he wants to use old stuff won’t be able to. He says anyone can enter his kitchen and check the hygiene factor. All the activities of food life cycle from preparation, chopping and cooking is carried on in his kitchen which is around 200 square feet.The place has been designed in Arabic aesthetics, so the music is also EDM with Arabic flavours.

He says even though the place is named as a cafe, they are going to serve all food, including the main course, right now I could only find vast varieties of rolls on their menu, I opted for the reshmi tikka smoked chicken roll. The roll was one of the biggest, I have yet to come across, it was quite delicious and can easily be a lunch option.
It’s tough being a small business owner with Bandra rentals, but the advantage Shumz Cafe has that they own the place. The cost of the food was extremely reasonable, and the quality was reliable. Also, there is a personal attention of the owner himself, so that makes a hell of a difference.
Only time will tell, how Shumz Cafe will fare, will it be branded, as an upmarket Sigdi or will it carve a niche role in Bandra eateries?
Let me know if you happen to try the place and what is your review in the comment below.
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