Review of the Book "The House at 43, Hill Road" by Brenda Rodrigues

Review of the Book "The House at 43, Hill Road" by Brenda Rodrigues

 The Housing society is a micro democracy and corruption starts here. This Book is a tale of the fight between the writers family and the owners of the Select Corner. 

Braz Rodrigues who built one of the first bungalows on Hill Road in the mid 1800’s. The book begins with the tale of the family tree. Braz Rodrigues belonged to the kunbi caste and was a resident of the village Parvar. 

The house after 5 generations in the Rodrigues family is finally sold to some builders. The family in return gets flats in the same buildings. The life of Brenda, Joe Rodrigues and Lydia takes a turn for the worst after this. There is constant conflict with the owners of the shops in the same building. The tale goes on to show how a no holds barred fight between society members goes on for years. 

It is also a classic case of the corruption which goes in all government departments. In a way, the babu’s are the only people who gain when members of a society fight against each other. 

Interesting Takeaways – 

You get bits about the old Bandra in the first few chapters of the book. The later chapters are page turners, as you are keen to know how this all ends. 

Brenda Rodrigues story is honest and very balanced. She does soul searching with the readers. She has the rare ability to create empathy in the readers. 

The end was a bit disapointing for me.