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Review of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

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Coffee rating: 4.5/5

My reconnaissance mission to hunt down the best cafes in Mumbai took me to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) this time. Situated on the Linking road, this two-storey café is quite spacious and prominent among the lively crowd of Bandra. Being a coffee enthusiast, I have tried this café many times before where the fine quality of their coffee has always made them worthy of repeat visits. However, this special encounter was a part of my coffee diaries expedition where my objective was to explore this café in terms of their delightful coffee experience.

During my foray at the CBTL, it was a pleasure to meet Mr. Mark Miranda who graciously joined me in my expedition this time. I always believe that coffee is a great way to connect, and my coffee excursion’s raison de’tre is to meet with different people and have great conversations. Hence, I express my sincere gratitude towards Mark for being a part of my coffee hunt at CBTL.

My Verdict:

Without a scintilla of doubt,  CBTL serves very good coffee, and as I mentioned before, a coffee enthusiast can never miss this franchise. I have always loved their Hazelnut latte where the creaminess of milk and the mild flavor of Hazelnut are just beautiful. However, this time I was more eager to taste just coffee – without any flavor – so I satiated my craving with a normal latte. Fortunately, it did meet my expectations.

The café latte was perfect, and I throughly enjoyed it where I loved the coffee flavor along with the rich milk. A coffee connoisseur and a brilliant person once told me that the experience relating to a coffee varies per person, and the meaning of the word “strong” might differ from person to person. I prefer a perfect blend of coffee flavor with the creaminess of milk, and the CBTL is one of those coffee chains which meet my expectations in terms of coffee experience.

My succinct version:

Type of Café: Almost fine dining

Quality of coffee: 4.5/5

WiFi: 4/5

Hospitality: 3.5/5

Value for money: A tad expensive as compared to other cafes but definitely worth i

Place for professional meet ups: Definitely yes, but the place is noisy most of the times

Occasional workplace: Same as above.

I look forward to many more coffee experiences at CBTL.

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