Review of the play “Six” performed at Jeff Goldberg’s Studio

Review of the play “Six” performed at Jeff Goldberg’s Studio

Jeff Goldberg’s Studio is constantly evolving and coming out with something new and creative. Their latest offering “Six”, has been inspired by L.B Hamilton’s short play “A Midnight Clear”, from the 1940s. Jeff Goldberg who runs this Method Acting Studio, has adapted this play and located it in a totally Indian setting and he has directed it as well. It was performed over the last two weekends at their studio off Linking Road in Bandra.

Story Line

The main protagonists of this play are two former lovers, one a ‘has been’ IPL cricket star, Rahul (Gurfateh Pirzada), and the other, Siddhant (Namit Kanna), the wealthy owner of an IPL team. The two have not seen each other in a year, as Rahul, who always seems to do as he is told, has decided to follow the straight and narrow path, and get married because of parental pressure. This had broken Sid’s heart, and he is rightfully hurt and cynical about Rahul’s concern about him when they are thrust together once again after Sid is brutally attacked by a gang of druggies who also gang rape him. In the course of the evening, as layers of their personalities peel off, Sid’s frustrations and loneliness are revealed. He has tried to be normal in the eyes of the world by having the beautiful Shanaya (Natasha D’Souza), as a live-in girl friend, but this relationship with her has just been a sham. Sid says, that “to be whole one needs to feel something…I have had to lie because I am gay, so I feel a fraud “. His only “moment in the Sun”, was when he was with Rahul. Ultimately when they rediscover their profound love for one another, it is too late, and tragically they can never be together now, as Alina, Rahul’s wife, is pregnant.

Jeff Goldberg’s Studio


Namit Khanna as the angry as well as vulnerable Sid, was the perfect foil to Gurfateh’s Rahul. The two brought out the raw passion of two ex-lovers, who really cared for each other. Natasha as Shanaya, lived up to Rahul’s description of her as the “evil slutty spider”. She was most convincing. My only problem with the cast was not being able to hear them sometimes. This studio is a small intimate space, perfect for a production like this, but the sound needs to be better. Not sure if lapel mikes are the answer.
Jeff Goldberg has done a great job of adapting and directing this play. By introducing the character of the bitchy Shanaya, he manages to infuse an extra dimension to the play. The original, if I am not mistaken, had just two, Luke and Paul.

Performing at Jeff Goldberg’s Studio

Prateek Babbar will be essaying the role of Rahul in the shows next weekend. So look out for this play with its new title “NotOut” on February 22nd, 23rd, And 24th at 8pm at The Jeff Goldberg Studio, Links Building on 14th road and Linking Road corner. Tickets from