Review of the rooftop bar Terra at hotel executive enclave.

Review of the rooftop bar Terra at hotel executive enclave.


Bandra is a great place to set up a bar. Progressive People from all over Mumbai come to bandra for their drinking rendezvous. Bandra is the new uber cool place to be, since town is quite dead, andheri is too depressing. The downside of this is that a single guy like me, who likes to nurse a drink over a book or iPad doesn’t get entry into the most happening bars on most of the days forget weekends.

So someone from my twitter follower suggested I try the rooftop bar at hotel executive enclave. I was expecting a dark dingy terrace with some losers, but was surprised to find a spanking new bar with nothing but the dark sky overhead. I was extremely pleased with the ambience and the wonderful and comfortable cushy chairs and nice lounge music.

I took the seat and ordered for a large teachers, and was pleasantly surprised when the server brought a miniature whiskey bottle which is iam sure reassuring that you are getting what you have ordered for and not some spurious stuff.

The server when ask for recommendation very confidently said, all the food here is exceptionally good. I ordered the basa fish sizzler which was quite ample and true to the servers word exceptionally good. The menu has limited options but has a English pub style food like fish & chips and bangers & mash.

The only down side is that given that I was there on a weekday, the bar was filled to 80% capacity. The crowd was expats, corporate times, and the young celebrating birthdays and a couple on a date. So I am expecting to be turned down from this place soon as it’s over capacity which happens to me every time it go to big nasty or Big Bang.

The price here is reasonable and you can expect to spend at least Rs 1000/per person for a single drink with food.