Review of Urban Street Cafe Khar West

Review of Urban Street Cafe Khar West

I like to roam around the Khar station area, there some good places there to grab a bite like Trupti Farsan, Sindhu, etc.

Abhisekh the owner of Urban Street cafe had told me a long time back he was planning to open a cafe in Bandra and was looking for a place. I suppose he had to settle for Khar.

The Urban Street cafe is located on the Khar station road, and about a couple of minutes walk from the Khar station. The place is rustic with seating inside and outside in the open alfresco section.

The hot tea coffee is priced at Rs 40/50 while the cold beverages go to up to 150 Rs. The snacks are moderate priced, and they have a unique menu, with items from falafel showarma to Chole Bature. They also have a love counter for chat, with Pani poori and other stuff.

While the place gives a much-needed respite as there is not any place where you can sit and enjoy a cuppa. The service is disappointing; the running of the cafe is left to the staff and there seemed to be no one with authority present.

The waiters won’t bother to check on you unless you scream your order to them. Ofcourse the incessant chattering of TV was also annoying, but I saw a few couples on a date cozying up in the inside section.

I feel the place has a great potential, only if Abhisekh finds a good manager. I look forward to spending some time there, whenever I am Khar station side.