Ritambhara Sahni's Institute for the Performing Arts.

Ritambhara Sahni's Institute for the Performing Arts.


The Ritambhara Sahni’s Institute For The Performing Arts [RSIPA- pronounced as RISPA] since 1996 launched by Ritambhara Sahni

Her dance shows  popularly known as ‘Footloose’ earlier are now known as ‘June Hip Hop’ and ‘December Hip Hop’ which happen respectively in ‘June’ and ‘December’.

The dance styles done at RSIPA are Urban Hip Hop[Popping, locking, Breaking, Krumping, Funk, [either fall under the umbrella of Hip Hop or are related to Hip Hop],Jazz and Contemprary, The Tap Dance, Belly and Flamenco. RSIPA also has schedules for dance fitness workouts.

Belly dancing is done at RSIPA in its division TBDIM – The Belly Dancing Institute Mumbai launched in 2007.

TBDIM imparts training in the Belly dance form and is restricted to females only. With its centers in Mumbai only, the age to start learning the dance form starts at 13 years.

It is not that males do not Belly dance but the ratio is less as compared to females.

TBDIM conducts Belly dancing as a course in learning the dance form. It also conducts cardio and strength training workouts in Belly dancing as well as Belly dance spiritual meditation sessions.


The aim and objective of TBDIM is not only to teach the dance art form to each and every female in Mumbai but also to help them achieve the spiritual and magical benefits the dance form carries in itself or Women. A female through Belly Dancing can discover the beauty and power of her body and receive physical and emotional benefits from it.

TBDIM also conducts many events and workshops to spread the benefits of Belly Dancing. TBDIM has a wide range of career options for its students where one could start working on completion of a few levels[gradation of courses] at TBDIM.

All the courses at RSIPA and TBDIM are certified. RSIPA has separate batches for kids and adults. [age group is 8 years to 55 years.]


Luis Belle Building,

Corner Of 16th & 30th Road,

Dr KB Hedgewar Rd,

Bandra West,


Maharashtra 400050

Contact :9819477748

Website: https://rsipa.com/index.html





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