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RITZYDEN - Lazybags

lazy 1The LAZYBAG brand, owned by Ritzyden and duly registered with the Registry of Trade Marks, Govt. of India, has over the years come to be associated with Bean Bags, much like Xerox is associated with photocopying.

We pioneered the manufacture of Bean Bags in India and from the coffee plantations of Latin America, where plantation workers would rest on half-filled bags of coffee beans, the Bean Bag has come a long way.

Ritzyden from its head office in Mumbai, operates a dealer network that covers the entire country.

Ritzyden is proud to have within its network, dealers in countries as far flung as Middle East, UK, Scandinavia & Australia.

The LAZYBAG today symbolizes comfort & luxury and is a must in every home, office, hotel, restaurant or lounge. Strict quality control measures monitored by a certified Internal Auditor for Quality Control Procedures – ISO 9000 ensure that the brand retains consistent quality.

RITZYDEN is equipped to handle exports, shipments by both sea and air. We have all the requisite Foreign Trade and Banking licenses to export and receive funds. We have so far handled multiple shipments of our Bean Bags to London, Denmark and Dubai. Our Bean Bags have been tested in these countries and the materials used conform to import standards thereat.

If you would like to buy Bean bags, bean chairs, pet bags and poofs or if you want to order a bean refill, it is RITZYDEN.


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