By Manju Sampat


Raell Padamsee’s Numero Uno productions recently regaled Mumbai audiences to a wonderful night of entertainment at Bandra’s St. Andrews auditorium. True to their promotional promise, the audience was ” transported to an out of mind and body experience” as they watched ‘Roy Zaltsman – The mind illusionist’.

Roy Zaltsman is a mesmerizing, sensational, internantional mind illusionist. He is a psychological entertainer, a master performer with thousands of enthralling performances to his credit. As a ‘mentalist’, he has the ability to hold his audience totally spellbound and his art includes telekinesis, precognition and the ability to read thoughts.

This Sunday he enthralled his audience by creating a murder scene, that they were invited to solve. During the course of solving this crime, the audience witnessed Zaltsman’s clairvoyance and his ‘power of suggestion’. He hypnotised a participant and managed to get her to forget her own name! Another time he illustrated how with deep concentration four participants could lift a person with just their fore fingers! Using this same principal, he walked on broken glass and also guessed what some members of the audience were thinking about! A very enjoyable evening indeed. Numero Uno Productions need a big hand for bringing Roy Zaltsman to Mumbai.