S S Dias & Sons Men’s Wear - A cut above the rest.

S S Dias & Sons Men’s Wear - A cut above the rest.

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As you walk the length and breadth of Hill Road, most of the shops out there look all similar with glass and aluminium facades, these shops are monotonous looking and incredibly annoying, and you have no way of making out what’s the difference. It is the herd mentality of exterior decoration.

One shop stands out is the S.S.Dias & Sons men’s wear. The wooden facade of S.S.Dias & Sons with the golden retro looking fonts commands respect and the “since 1930” label says this is not tailoring business, it’s a business of carrying forward good old traditions.

IMG_0523Mr. S.S.Dias started the tailoring business, and now his 4th son is managing the company, his two elder brothers used to run it earlier, they are a big family of 5 brothers and four sisters. His nephew Sebastian is the 3rd generation Dias, who is learning the tradition of tailoring from his uncle.

S.S.Dias and Sons Menswear clients are mostly men who have taste and patience. The shop has an in-house workshop and another one in the suburbs. A long list of customers have patronised this institution and have sent pictures of themselves in their clothes. Mr. Dias says that tailoring business usually peaks during festivals and marriage season and corporate business keeps him busy rest of the year. They also retail dress materials.

He says there are always going to be people who would want to get clothes stitched and men with long hands and different shaped bodies, always prefer tailored garments. He says he has to be always present in the store as tailoring is a very personalized business though he would love to go to his native place in Loutolim, Goa where the family has an ancestral house. Punctuality is one of the most relevant discipline required in the tailoring business, and he has been extremely diligent on this since he joined the family business in 1967.

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The store incidentally has one of biggest trial rooms which you will never find nowadays in any of the modern shops. The reason he says, Indians never come alone for trials, they get their family and friends along too.

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So are you looking to get some clothes tailor-made, now you know where to go.

Address Shop Number 7, Opposite Bank Of India, Hill Road, Bandra (W), Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050
Phone:022 2642 2380