SAI - Support for Autistic Individuals

SAI - Support for Autistic Individuals

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Support for Autistic Individuals (SAI) is an ABA/VB center for children and adolescents with autism. It is a project of Mohit Lakhani Charitable Trust. In its first phase school services were provided to 20 children from age 3yrs to 8yrs. In the second phase (at present) services are being provided to 40 children from age 3 onwards.

» SAI was started on February 22nd, 2004.

» All children admitted to SAI have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

» Our students are evaluated on the VB-MAPP this is Dr. Mark Sundberg’s latest and most comprehensive assessment.

IEP goals are then set with the consultation of parents and are revised every 6 months.

The technique used for instruction is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) which consists of both Discrete Trial Training (DTT) and Natural Environment Training (NET) in Art and Kitchen classes with an emphasis on Skinner’s Verbal Operants. Our older student are also taught vocationals skills including cooking, art & craft and basic office skills.

Programs are AVAILABLE UNDER DIRECT INSTRUCTION curriculum for students who are able to acquire academic skills. These programs are formulated by Engelmann

1. Language for Learning And Language for Thinking

2. Reading Mastery

3. Connecting Math Concepts.

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A program to work on handwriting skill known as “HANDWRITING WITHOUT TEARS” is also available. This program has been formulated by Occupational Therepist Jan Olsen.

Sensory Integration and Speech Therapy sessions are available for all students. Computer, Yoga, Music, Dance and Physical Activity classes are also a part of the curriculum.

Individual ABA Therapy Sessions are now available for outside students on an hourly basis. Program will be supervised by Mrs. Kamini Lakhani.


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