Sanclare Languages academy

Sanclare Languages academy

sanclare 1“To me it was – Love the languages you’ve learnt, and convey that love by teaching to others; all else was secondary ”, says Sandra Pais, who has a teaching experience of 30 years, in both academic & spoken French, and years of teaching experience in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and English.

Over 25 years, communication experience par excellence, Sandra offers the following through Sanclare Academy:

French, Spanish Classes/Tuitions

Italian, Portuguese Classes/Tuitions

Brazilian Portuguese Classes/Tuitions

Hindi, Marathi Classes/Tuitions

English Classes/Tuitions for IELTS

English Classes/ Tuitions for TOEFL

Advanced English

From Sandra Pais’ desk:

European language teaching is a complex interactive process. Teaching these European languages, through effective use of English and Indian link languages Hindi and Marathi, and teaching foreigners Hindi, Marathi, and English, has gained for me a special level of proficiency in language teaching skills. I strive to help students learn the language through Direct and Indirect Methods, Written and Oral Practice/ Assignments. Yet I expect hard work from the students as it requires significant effort on their part to master a mix of six skills, reading, listening, understanding, memorizing, speaking, and writing.

My knowledge of Hindi, Marathi, English, its grammar, its cross linkages with these European languages is precise. I draw on teaching strategy from a variety of foreign references to find out how to intelligently impart European and Indian language learning skills, of what is to be learned and how it is to be taught.

Quite naturally students will derive from increased opportunities of learning by reasoning, as emphasis is placed on the different aspects of the subject matter, its content, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

Language Philosophy

Quite understandably the learning of any foreign language is a long journey if one has to develop the ability to emphasize the very best aspects of the language. Yet after contributing to a student’s eye opening experience, as I stand back and survey students as people being empowered by their ability to think, and thereafter communicate effectively, brings its own rewards which are substantially rich and especially gratifying when some revert to resume higher levels of learning the same language, or another foreign language.

[quote]I teach at my residence only, on terms that are reasonable. . . .[/quote]



Ms. Sandra Pais,

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