Sandhya Krishnan - Wellness and Mindfulness Life coach on Dynamic Living

Sandhya Krishnan is a wellness and mindfulness life coach. She works with individuals and teams - young professionals and entrepreneurs.

Sandhya Krishnan - Wellness and Mindfulness Life coach on Dynamic Living

I have been on Youtube following tons of advice from productivity experts and coaches. I read countless articles and numbers of books on how to improve my workflow and get more stuff done. The problem is all these experts are based in the US or Europe. When I came across Bandra based Sandhya Krishnan Instagram Page, I immediately signed up for her newsletter and attended a webinar. I think she packs in a lot of wisdom and  I thought she should be introduced to our readers. Here is a Q&A with Sandhya Krishnan who is a wellness and mindfulness life coach.

Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Sandhya Krishnan and I'm a wellness and mindfulness life coach. I work with individuals and teams - young professionals and entrepreneurs mostly, to help them understand their motivations, goals, priorities, balance out work and the rest of life, help them finding meaning, focus, and calm in their everyday busy lives. I do this using the protocols of the ICF (International Coach Federation). I have been a serial entrepreneur, legal editor, a radio jockey, actor, among other professions. I am a mother of two teenaged boys, two dogs, two cats and many, many plants - all of which threaten to crowd me out of my apartment! I am very interested in our local community and have volunteered for many initiatives such as voter registration, Know your Candidate, Celebrate Bandra, waste segregation, educating slum kids, talks for youth etc.

What is the vision of dynamic living?

Dynamic Living is a concept from philosophy, that life is not an accident that happens to us, but something that can be lived consciously, actively. We humans, are unique in the ability to make choices that are beyond just biology; we create meaning, find deep focus, joy, in the abstract, through relationships and in collaboration and cooperation with others. Yet, modern living has reduced us into mindless participants of the rat race, craving things all the time, feeling miserable compared to others, feeling rushed, stressed, burnt out, ill and unfocused.

My vision is to help anyone ready for change, to reclaim their lives, to learn to thrive, to be successful in their true definition of the word; not what anyone else defines it as. I do this through one on one coaching, workshops, talks in corporates, colleges, schools, and on public forums, through my social media and YouTube channel. I am venturing into wider media and other platforms as well.

When did you move to Bandra and what do ypu love and find lacking in here?

I moved to Bandra in 1998 and loved the vibrancy and diversity of the place. Strangers would help me, smile at me, every shop owner, every watchman on my street is a friend. It's truly a diverse community.

What I miss: I guess access to more green lungs. I used to go to Patwardhan park, but just to have a place with lots of trees that you can stomp through, breathe in the fresh air...

What are your favourite places in Bandra to shop/hangout/eat?

I used to have two stores of my own in Bandra - The Shop (currently on Pali Mala Road, next to Bagel Shop) and Sanctum (now closed). So I was able to create my dream shopping spaces and products in that sense! I'm not in retail anymore and am trying to practice minimalism, but I love the small stores...Regal Plus for snacks, Roman General Stores, the small accessories store opposite Elco, on Hill Road, Cherry Fig - the export surplus store. Favourite pub: Toto's, hands down. Lajju (Bhatia) is a dear friend now, Irish House too, and I sometimes meet old friends at Yacht. It's more about the atmosphere than the alcohol. Restaurants: Kofuku, Papa Pancho, Punjab Sweet House and Olive. I love Khaane Kaas too. But we hardly ever eat out or order in.

Tell us how our readers can get help from you to overcome their blocks which are holding them back from achieving their goals?

You're most welcome to reach out to me on my website, email me . I offer a complimentary 15 mins consultation so you can decide if coaching is right for you and if I'm the best fit, or if I can recommend someone or something else.

If you'd like to create change by yourself you can follow me on Youtube and Instagram or  for some perspectives and questions you could ask yourself. If you look within yourself, you will find the answers!