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Sandhya Shetty on “living life…loving life”

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Sandhya Shetty on "living life...loving life"Have you ever stopped and thought for a few minutes if you are living your life with happiness & contentment. Do you get enough time in the morning for yourself or your family or to even meet up with few friends occasionally out of no agenda but to just let loose.

Mumbai city the most loved city but the hustle-bustle can get quite stressful.

Sandhya Shetty

A moment in my space from the ground floor to the 7th floor in an elevator when I saw this little baby with my neighbour who kept smiling at me was bliss. I am a happy person and I keep it simple most of the time, but I keep getting this thought often “we living life or life is just passing by". I crave to go on a holiday where I can breath fresh air and eat good homegrown & cooked food. My appetite to listen to some good live percussion music and just read a good book in a quaint open space with running stream is so clear. Am I dreaming...when will be this a reality....why can't I just get up and go.... how often do I get spontaneous....do I listen to my inner voice....wowwww. I am filled with questions and I know so are you.

The traffic the gadgets the human who has turned inhumane.....STOP......

The feeling of touch.....to sit next to each other and chat over a cup of coffee or chai. The crisp pages of a newly launched book which waits for you to dive into the world of words and knowledge. The fragrance of incense filling your senses with thoughts of sandalwood straight from the jungles of the south. Have we forgotten the simple pleasures of life??????????

Sandhya Shetty

I want this moment for you to stop and think and simplify...what it is to just be ....be yourself...

You cannot get consumed by things so take a moment and breathe and look around for simple things in your daily life that you miss to love and appreciate. It could be as simple as the smile from your mother while serving you the morning breakfast or the grocery list you missed from the loving wife who cooks all the delicious food and by the way, this could be your father serving breakfast and your husband doing grocery too hahaha ..... The little ones in your house waiting to hear their funny stories and hug them and play with them their silly games. The brother sharing the pizza with her sister and making sure she gets a bigger slice of it & also a bigger smile. The house help appreciating that good-morning and thank you wishes from you & watchman at your building gate giving you that big smile and anticipating one back. Your driver waiting patiently for you to get in the car while he drives you safely to your destination. Do we even acknowledge all of them or it’s a robotic programmed routine we go through every day. The glance of a stranger at a grocery store does it make us uncomfortable or do we smile back....one smile can get contagious they say, so how often do we spread this deadly contagious good of human disease called “Smile". I hear laughter as therapy while I go for a run in the parks and open spaces morning hours and I wonder when did such a beautiful and natural phenomenon of laughter get scarce and now being used as a forced therapy.

I want to live and live for real.... Smile more ...laugh more and love more .

Sandhya Shetty

We all are born to live and we all will be gone but everything that happens in between, that is living life & that definitely can be designed & curated by us by just being ourselves. Life is beautiful so let’s paint this world with various colours of emotions and do what we love and live it real...ca

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    October 29, 2019 at 3:03 pm

    Yes, quite interesting about the life we live as narrated by Sandhya, The gorgeous yet simple as she is.
    The Sandhya, I know in person as in character is – Live, Love, Laugh which I abide by the same. Cheers!!


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