Sassy Spoon reviewed by wheels on our feet.

Sassy Spoon reviewed by wheels on our feet.

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Despite hearing so much about the Sassy Spoon in Nariman Point, we haven’t had the time/opportunity to dine there. Blame it on our crazy schedules. It recently opened another outlet in Bandra, and this time round, since we frequent Bandra more frequently, we went there for lunch.

How is the ambience & service at Sassy Spoon Bandra? Sassy and so charming, we immediately fell in love with the place. Done up in white and some pretty upholstery colors, it make just that perfect setting when you are out for a stylish meal outside.

But our initial euphoria about the place proved to be quite short-lived. Although we were there at 12.30 pm for lunch, one of the few people there at that hour, the staff didn’t give us the menu card until we asked for it. Had to request for water (which is never the case with any other restaurant! Water is served immediately upon taking the seats) while placing our order, and had to remind when it didn’t arrive despite waiting for about 10 minutes. During the meal, when they served us bread, we had to request for butter/olive oil separately. All other restaurants have olive oil and vinegar on their table. And butter spreads are served along-with breads!

Bad service? Yes! Is it because they just started? Maybe. But how can a high-end restaurant like Sassy Spoon falter on service even if they are new in a particular locality? Isn’t their quality across every department supposed to be stellar and uniform?

How is the food at Sassy Spoon Bandra? A bright sunny afternoon, I ordered one of their Orange based Margaritas, while Jayanta went for Beer. Got a Sweet Line Soda made for our little one.

Hungry and short of time, we wanted to hit the main course rightaway. I ordered Spiced Baby Lamb Leg  With Roasted Cauliflower and Lemon Pepper Baby Potatoes – one of the best that I have had in Mumbai! Absolutely stellar!!! Only missed a prune sauce or something a little tangy, that would have made it complete. Jayanta ordered Pork Ribs With House Smoked BBQ Sauce Roasted Veggies and Masd-h – and went gaga about it too. He raved that this was the best Pork Ribs in all of Mumbai, just that perfect tender and cooked to perfection.


One odd thing about Sassy Spoon is that they do not serve a complimentary bread basket, like they do in other restaurants. We ordered a small whole grain bread to go with our meal of lamb and pork.

We were in a hurry to catch a dance rehearsal back in Powai, and hence, skipped desserts. But not before looking longingly at the desserts counter. Next time!

Final Word about Sassy Spoon in Bandra: Their ambience is awesome. Their food is awesome. How can they go so terribly wrong with service? Or was it just that day, with us, a one-off case? Too bad! Surely they didn’t realise that their lax service would cost them a couple of points in this review. And I am a little sore about bread basket not being complimentary. Why? Guys, look around the other sassy restaurants around you – the Indigo Deli, the smoke House Deli – and learn a thing or two about service and complimentary bread baskets!


Sassy Spoon Bandra Address:

Classic Corner Building, Next to Holy Family Hospital, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai. Ph — 022 30151638