Sathyam Cinema’s to take over Globus

Sathyam Cinema’s to take over Globus

Bandra-ites have been complaining for a long time for a good place to watch movies. The people here had primarily two choices between Globus and Suburbia. As of now, I think both are down for maintenance. Somehow the people here don’t fancy “Gaiety Galaxy Gemini” which still feels it is stuck in the 80’s. There are also news of Salman Khan starting his brand of a chain of single screen cinemas starting with Bandra and Juhu, but not sure when that would be launching if at all, the news is accurate.

I saw we are hiring board outside Globus Cinemas, with the entire structure under redevelopment. It seems that Sathyam cinemas will be taking over Globus, hope this provides relief to the Bandra movie goers and satisfies their needs.

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More about Sathyam Cinema’s

As per sources the deal with Globus Cinema is that SPI Cinemas will take it over and run it for a nine-year lease. The 259 seater single screen will now be called Le-Reve (the dream) and it will be state of art with 4K projection and Dolby Atmos. The theatre is all set to open this Diwali.
– via Firstpost

Chennai’s largest multiplex chain, SPI Cinemas, popularly known as Sathyam Cinemas, will be stepping into the Mumbai market by taking over Globus Cinema, an existing theatre which belongs to the Raheja Group. The theatre in Bandra has a single screen with 200 seats.

“The deal with Globus Cinema has been concluded and the facility will be operational soon. The property has been let out for a nine-year lease,” said a key player from the entertainment industry who was instrumental in sealing the deal.
– via The Hindu