Scrumptious desserts at Suzette Creperie & Cafe.

Scrumptious desserts at Suzette Creperie & Cafe.

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Suzette is a charming French owner run restaurant located at bustling Pali Naka. Tucked away in the food enclave  of Papa Pancho, Thai Ban etc. Suzette is an all day dining cafe & has  part outdoor & part indoor seating. I have never been there for a full meal but have been there twice for desserts and have come away delighted. Its on my list for a breakfast drop in one of these days, probably after Easter when I can indulge in some of the sweet stuff.

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On one of my visits, I ordered a home made caramel crepe which we shared and found every sinful bite yummy. On a recent visit in January, I ordered seasonal fruits (strawberries) with whipped cream and loved the presentation and the taste.

They also have a interesting way to keep flies away. Spot the plastic packets filled with water tied on to the grill amongst the plants. It seems the flies see their enlarge reflection in the packets and get scared and fly away.

Have you been to Suzette yet? Do drop in and have a taste of their yummy desserts. I hope to go try their breakfast or mains sometime. If you check it out first, do let me know what you think.