Shawarma in the hiding.

Shawarma in the hiding.


'Purple Yellow Red and Blue' by Portugal. The Man playing on the headphones, Windy scenes from the outside and snacking on my preferred delicately wrapped middle eastern wrap from this tiny eatery which i parceled away on my way back.

This gem of a eatery is tucked inside a garment shop off Hill Road, Bandra. Layers of chicken rubbed in middle eastern spices on the Rotisserie, stacks of Pita and little steel dabbas filled with the wrap ingredients overwhelm this tiny space.

Gentle & Precise hands of this guy as he carefully grills the pita on each side and in a very calculated way spreads the sauce, arranges the vinaigrette pickles, fries, cabbage and finally the sweetly cut shards of chicken mixed with chopped tomato is all a process that I've never missed in all these years as i place my order. Flavour-wise, it is one of the best Shawarma joint across town as it does not involve any additional desi sauces or the altered chicken tikka or tandoori taste that many places with a rotisserie in their possession do nowadays.

Though avoid visiting the place during peak hours of Hill road shopping. You may be disappointed as it will take more than 15-20 mins to process your order, solely because these guys never rush. Each wrap is just as carefully prepared as it was the first or last order of the day.

The name of the eatery is 'Marinate'. You can locate inside a garment shop bang opposite Archies.