Shen Reflexology

Shen Reflexology

The new de-stress destination in town – Shen Reflexology. Understanding today’s high-stress and high-pressure urban lifestyle, Shen has aligned its de-stress programs to perfectly meet the growing needs of highly stressed individuals. With professional staff, trained by the International Spa & Beauty College, Hongkong, Shen assures a holistic approach towards de-stressing.


What is Reflexology ?

•             Holistic therapy that works on the hands and feet to restore the balance within the whole body.

•             In reflexology, hands and feet are like mini-maps of the whole body, so that the entire body can be stimulated by applying pressure to various reflex points.

•             The aim is to stimulate the body’s own healing process in order to keep it in homeostatis ie balanced.

Few Benefits of Reflexology

•             Relieves stress and tension and has a deep relaxing effect ( 75% of disease is estimated to be stress related)

•             Improves blood circulation consequently increasing the efficiency of overall body functions

•             Helps release trapped nervous energy and improves neural efficiency; approx. 7000 nerves are stimulated during a reflexology session

•             Improves waste and toxin removal and elimination

•             Activates the body’s self healing

Why should you go in for Reflexology ?

•             In today’s high-stress and high-pressure jobs, its important to regularly take some time off for yourself

•             Give your body a chance to relax so that it can de-stress and rejuvenate itself for demanding tasks ahead

•             Reduce stress and tension through reflexology and thereby increase overall productivity

•             Experience immediate effects after an hour long reflexology sitting – deep relaxation, release of muscle tension and revitalization

Shen Reflexology :

Shen in Chinese philosophy is one of the basic substances that pervade the body, usually translated “spirit,” encompassing both the mind of the individual and healthy mental and physical function.

As quoted by renowned reflexologist, Valerie Demery [quote] Reflexology is a journey through the sole to the soul.[/quote]

At Shen Reflexology, we specialize in Hand & Foot Reflexology. Our professionally trained therapists at Shen Reflexology work effectively on all your reflex points through a specially developed reflexology routine to balance out your entire body and help you to relax and de-stress.

The Zen styled interiors and specially designed seating help you to relax and unwind.

Shen Reflexology guarantees you a complete rejuvenation experience.

So come experience the power of reflexology at ‘Shen Reflexology – the de-stress destination’




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