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The delicate softness of your romantic evenings, and the perfectly-balanced-sweetness that compliments every occasion in delectably cozy and heart-warming shades of brown is Shocolaat at your service.

Shocolaat is available in a wider assortment of fillings and flavours, the silken dollops are carefully tailored with dark cocoa, white and milk chocolate in many proportions to best complement each filling. With of course twists of Shocolaat’s secret ingredients that keep the chocolates from melting at room temperature and give them that signature slurp.

As much as we love to obsess over what goes inside, we are equally crazy about the outside. With unique stones, designs and themes to dress up the goodies for each occasion, we believe that your offering should be exclusive to you. So much so, apart from choosing from our innumerable concepts and ideas, the designs can be customized to bring your imagination to life, or if you like, you can also have your or your loved one’s name as part of the design. Whatever helps make your special moment, truly special!


The creator of Shocolaat, Samaira Tolani’s tryst with chocolates and desserts goes as far back as she can remember. She fondly smiles back upon the days when in the middle of her classes in school she would drift into dreams about baking chocolate cakes with mint and cranberry, and vanilla soufflés with cinnamon and oranges. Desserts had a power over her that she was helpless against, and funnily, she was always more fascinated by the cooking process than the eating. It was the odd, experimental concoctions that tickled her excitement most but she eventually settled for the good old chocolate as her choice of delicacy.

It so happened when she was visiting her brother in Miami, where her passion for the sweeter food lead her to attend a few bakery classes. And once her wild imagination was given the tools for shape and direction, there was no stopping her. Beautifully packaged, her chocolates soon started making their way to friends and family as gifts and before she knew it, enquiries and orders started flooding in. That’s when she decided to start taking orders and run her business from home. After four years of runaway success, she launched her chocolate boutique, Shocolaat, in February 2010.

Shocolaat Chocolate Couture

As irresistible on the eyes as they are on the taste buds, Shocolaat chocolate collections have option for all chocolate lovers from classic flavors to contemporary fusions. A passion for all that is tasty is what drove Samaira Tolani to learn the art of becoming an Artisan Chocolatier.

shocolaat 1Classique collection

  • Plain
  • Praline
  • Fruit N Nut
  • Almond
  • Crispy
  • Cookies n Cream

Signature Collection:

  • Hazelnut
  • Cara Crunch
  • Honey
  • Mocha
  • Orange
  • Caramel
  • Pistachio

All time favourites:

  • Oreo
  • Biscoutti
  • Florentine
  • English Brittle
  • Nutties
  • Slim Chocolate Bars
  • Shocolaat Cups with Nuts
  • Dates N Chocolate

Book A Tasting Session

In addition to her line of chocolates Samaira Tolani also facilitates chocolate tasting evenings in the Chocolate Studio.


shocolaat logoShocolaat

Fernandes Villa, 95 Hill Road,

Behind Kobe Sizzlers,

Bandra West,

Mumbai – 400 050

Phone: 022-26558488/+91 9987221113



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