Shoma Kaikini's Nrityanidhi - Spiritual Exuberance Through Dance

Shoma Kaikini's Nrityanidhi - Spiritual Exuberance Through Dance

nrithyanidhi_logoNrityanidhi isn’t a just a two hour slot in the routine of a dancer’s life…

it isn’t an institution which just teaches movement…

it isn’t a place which just makes dancers…

it envisions more… much more… as it aims to open up the world of dance on a complete holistic…

larger than life level… capturing dance… the dancer…

life… nature… beauty… existence… self discovery… and female individuality.

About Us

Indian Dance, an art form that encompasses the representation of music, song and drama, pays tribute to Universal divinity and guides one into the realms of artistic bliss!! Indian Dance has history that is way beyond imagination and excellence that is way beyond reach!! We are proud to pursue and proliferate at Nrityanidhi, Indian Dance.

Dance is a glorious expression of music. This expression mirrors concealed emotions of the soul and is portrayed with elegance by using the Classical style of Kathak in an ingenious structure. Nrityanidhi’s unique blend of Kathak woven in fabulous choreography, not only nurtures individuals but stirs their souls too. While rhythm (‘Taal / Lai’) cultivates synchronization in a student, the blend of music (Sangeeet) and expression (Abhinay) help in eliminating toxins and negativity..

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Nrityanidhi functions on the basis of a structured course that trains its students in Kathak and intends focus and dedication. The training under Nrityanidhi disciplines the student and fuels their self-esteem with loving encouragement and counselling sessions.

The learning atmosphere exposes them to the significance and splendour of Indian dance and the essence of various dance forms. Nrityanidhi expects all its students to earnestly respect Indian culture and pursue the same with sincerity, humility and devotion. These necessary sentiments are instilled as the students get ahead of each year with critical training sessions, workshops, outdoor dance camps (Natya Sadhna) annual graduation performances (Prayaas) and (innovative) examinations (Pareeksha). Students are encouraged to do their own choreography and thus get an opportunity to exhibit their talent and ideas. Thus, as Students work on body movement and sentiments (‘Bhava’) it inspires creativity and importantly helps in discovering concealed emotions and the reasons behind the same. A sense of spiritual elevation and sensitivity towards life is established.

[Located in Mumbai and Bangaluru, Nrityanidhi strictly trains a particular number of Students in one batch/ session and restricts the number of admissions into the institute in order to provide each student with personal attention and develop a trustworthy relationship with each of its students.]

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The students of Nrityanidhi go through specific training that begins with the basics of Kathak and gradually work towards expansion of spiritual understanding. Nrityanidhi has intelligently broken boundaries of the traditional style of Kathak and teaches its students methods of using the Classical style in Light Classical genres of music without disturbing the grandeur of the style. Ideally, a Student starts her training with a short three month workshop that introduces her to the functioning of the institution. Gradually ,she evolves into becoming a regular part of our classes and goes on to appearing for the Pareeksha. Ultimately, over a period of eight to fifteen years, emerges a soulful, holistic artist all set to spread the magnificence of art into the world!

Nrityanidhi now open in BANDRA!

“Workshop in Innovative Kathak”

Nrityanidhi; an institution that has pioneered in simplifying Kathak, making it lucid and relatable to Students as well as an audience!

Experience a miniature introduction into the basics of Kathak and its creative usage in a song from Hindi Cinema!

Schedule : Twice a week. Early Morning OR Evening batches!

Age Criteria: 8 years and upwards.

Where : NRITYANIDHI, Ground Floor, Hemkund Villa, 14th Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

Fee Structure : Rs. 18,000/- for three months. (Twenty Four Sessions)

Contact :

Admissions open only to women. Rights for admission reserved.