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WE Listen! WE Understand! WE Bring to Life!

We at Showandtell are the architects of your creation. Together we enhance your vision, write & storyboard your concept and target on the elements that are important to your product and your audience. You show us your vision and we will tell you the outcome.

Our Tech genius’ use the best equipment from camera to editing tools and are masters at capturing talent. Our Key Skill lies in our ability to combine our production knowledge to capture the right people for your product.

With our expert team we bring to life ‘INNOVATION’ at its best. So let’s create and make it last!!!


Budgeting & Scheduling

Not only do we Budget & Schedule, we “Value Budget & Quick Schedule.” Our expert team will work on your budget and schedule with-in 24 hours of receiving your brief and script.

Location Scouting

It is said that Beauty lies in the Eye of the Beholder. Well, we believe in holding everyone’s attention. Hence our team of visionaries and travel enthusiasts will bring you to the right spot to capture the right frame, may it be outdoor or indoor, national or international locations or some of the best studios around the globe.


We always stand one step ahead in keeping ourselves updated with the latest Camera’s, Lighting, Sound & Photography equipment, and we know how to make ‘small’ look larger than life.

Cast & Crew

We know and understand people and what they bring to the table. We respect talent and hard work. The common thread that binds each member of our team is our passion for the work. We therefore guarantee the best cast and crew to our clients.

Post Production Studio’s

We consider ourselves artists, Artists who know the importance of the finishing touches. Our modern state of the art post production studios are available 24×7 to fine print your work.

Documentary Production

At Showandtell, each one of us (including our international crew members) is awestruck by the color, the culture and the diversity that oozes from the very depth of our country. Its, no doubt, that we are passionate of capturing every film of the genre called “INDIA.” So consider us in, for assisting you in producing your vision of India.


Mumbai Office:

showandtell logo3 Anand Nivas,14th (A) Road, Ahimsa Marg, Ground Floor, Khar (W),

Mumbai – 400 052.

Phone   022 2605 9206



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