I was cycling around Madhu Park on a Saturday evening, and though it was quite late, there was quite huge Q, I am not a religious person and am averse to the idea of asking a wish from God.

In spite of this I stood in the Q just for the Prasad, the prasad “Sheera + coconut” was delicious. I was reprimanded by an older gentleman (the temple priest probably) for clicking a picture since photography is prohibited. The old man informed me this temple had been there since 1956. There are apparently around 10/15 thousand bells tied inside the temple. The park is attached to Madhu park at Khar.

Legend goes that people seek the blessing of Lord Hanuman here.  When their wish is fulfilled, they return to the temple and offer Hanuman a bell (thus “Ghanteshwar” which literally means lord of bells).   Therefore, thousands of densely packed brass bells of various sizes hang above and around the temple, which in and of itself is a modest sized place, no more than a large verandah.  A few of the bells shine like they have been recently hung, while many more are crusted and darkened with time.
– via yin-yang-india.com