Shroff Eye Hospital & Lasik Centre

Shroff Eye Hospital & Lasik Centre

Shroff Eye has stood for excellence in eye care since 1919. A firm commitment to quality is at the heart of all services provided at our centers at Bandra (W) and Marine Drive, Mumbai.

Shroff Eye is a patient centric setup for total eye care.

Shroff Eye is accredited by Joint Commission International – JCI for excellence in patient care and health care delivery since 2006 and has been re-accredited in 2009 and 2012.

State-of-the-art equipment and a high safety environment.

A full array of state-of-the-art equipment and a high-safety environment enables our doctors to diagnose and treat eye problems accurately, safely and effectively.

shroff eye 1Super-speciality hospital

This super-speciality hospital consists of a team of highly skilled and experienced Eye Specialists in Mumbai including surgeons, assistants and support staff to offer the finest eye care in the world.

Shroff Eye runs several super speciality clinics for the special purpose of preserving sight in sight-threatening conditions such as glaucoma, Uveitis, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration etc. The patient receives customized care provided by our specialists since these conditions require regular follow-up. As these conditions can cause irreversible loss of vision if poorly treated or neglected, we emphasize the need for regular follow ups as the effect of treatment on the eye may not always be constant and needs to be regularly measured by our specialist. At the clinic we record images and maintain records of your eye condition for comparison on following visits.

Diabetic retinopathy clinic – is dedicated to the identification and long term care of diabetics at risk for diabetic retinopathy. The clinic is equipped with digital angiography systems, retinal sonography, various lasers, and advanced vitreoretinal surgery equipment to provide treatment to patients with even advanced forms of the disorder.

Macular degeneration clinic – It is a common disorder among the aged population. Digital flourescein angiography and other tests are used to be able to accurately diagnose the condition. Treatment is provided to patients who require it using Avastine/ Lucentis injections.

Glaucoma clinic – is a sight threatening and often symptomless disease due to high intra ocular pressure, which has a strong family history. All our patients are screened for glaucoma. Patient suffering from glaucoma are regularly tested using various instruments and parameters. The Humphrey computerised Visual Field Analyser [VFA] helps track prevention of further damage to the vision. Special Blue-on-yellow software [SWAP] allows early diagnosis of glaucoma suspects, especially those with a strong family history.

shroff 2Cornea clinic – Our Cornea surgery service provides therapeutic and diagnostic capabilities to handle any disorder pertaining to the cornea such as Dry Eyes, Keratoconus etc. including all aspects of anterior segment imaging such as corneal topography and pachymetry.

The Microbiology support from our in-house Laboratory handles diagnostic specimens for all infectious diseases of the eye.

The Shroff Eye Bank receives corneas through Eye Donation which are used for corneal transplant surgery.

LASIK clinic – utilizes the latest wavefront-guided LASIK technology using the Concerto 500 Hz Laser. Also known as custom LASIK, the treatment involves measurements of distortions of light pathway within the eye, providing our LASIK surgeon with the information needed to chart a treatment plan customized to each patient. Shroff Eye was the first eye hospital in India to launch the 500Hz Concerto Laser; it is one of only few centres using the Concerto 500 Hz laser in the world today.

Squint / Pediatric Ophthalmology clinic – This subspecialty clinic specializes in children with strabismus (“crossed eyes”) and amblyopia (“lazy eyes”), with prescription of glasses and full eye exams of infants and children. Adults with strabismus who desire strabismus, or eye muscle surgery are also seen here. However the emphasis of this clinic is on prevention and on primary eye care for children.

Uveitis clinic – Uveitis is caused by a variety of systemic diseases. Our pathology laboratory provides the complete range of investigations to diagnose, treat and follow up these patients.

Low vision clinic – aims to provide people with low vision the opportunity to understand their condition better and help them to learn the use of an array of simple devices in order to achieve a life of independence.

Contact lens clinic– completes the circle of eye care at Shroff Eye. Individualized fitting sessions by trained optometrists help to achieve accurate dispensing of contact lenses.


Shroff Eye Hospital & Lasik Centre

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