Slum Rehabilitation Society

srs logoSlum Rehabilitation Society (SRS) is an NGO with the distinction of being the first to start developing principles of slum rehabilitation well before current government policies were formulated. Since 1972, SRS has been a key facilitator in Slum Rehabilitation Projects in Mumbai.

SRS offers solutions which include –

Facilitation of Slum Rehabilitation for various stakeholders

Data management of slum pockets

Community development and mobilization programmes

Establishment of Social Cohesion Post Rehabilitation

SRS mobilizes and organizes slum dwellers to improve their living conditions. The organization works with communities, facilitating their relocation to permanent housing, forming housing societies, training former slum dwellers to maintain their homes and helping them develop programs to improve and care for their environment. Capacity building, generation of income, education and the empowerment of women and children are all aspects of SRS’ work, part of a “post rehabilitation” program designed to help individuals adjust successfully and take charge of their changed lives.

Slum Rehabilitation Projects

These are the projects where SRS actually facilitates the construction of the rehabilitation buildings. SRS helps the slum community to mobilize, organize, construct and shift into the new buildings. They assist them before rehabilitation (collecting signature, submission to SRA, etc) and post rehabilitation (welfare activities, inscription of cooperative societies, etc).

Welfare activities

These activities include installing and running new balwadis (kindergarden), creating self-help groups, mahila mandals and health camps.


SRS collaborates with various organizations and offer expertise & services to improve the quality of life of the slum dwellers.

SRS’ philosophy is that four walls do not make a home!

SRS offers post-rehabilitation – a collection of services, training and support designed to facilitate the transition to life in permanent housing – in all rehabilitated sites. SRS also provides these services as separate service for buildings constructed by other (commercial & government) parties.


Slum Rehabilitation Society

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