Review - Snow White and the 7 dwarfs staged at Rang Mandir

Review - Snow White and the 7 dwarfs staged at Rang Mandir

Vishaal Asrani’s Institute of Performing Arts, in asocoation with THE PIONEER DRAMA COMPANY USA and supported by the TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON (Mumbai Centre), staged a spectacular Broadway style production of SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS, at Rang Mandir in Bandra, over the weekend.


The play begins in a Magical forest where, pixies, fairies, elves and goblins come across a little princess, Isabelle, who is lost in the woods and is distraught. They offer to help her find her way home and they set out with the princess on a magical journey through the enchanted forest. They ask her if she knows the story of Snow White. When she replies in the negative, they offer to ‘show’, her this story, and magically this fairy tale springs to life. The story traces the journey of princess Snow White from the palace of her stepmother, the evil Queen, Evilina, to her life in the enchanted forest with the 7 dwarfs and finally to the time when she is united with her Prince Charming. It turns out in the end that Isabelle is their daughter!

This enjoyable musical has been directed by Vishal Asrani and Jiji Subi. It has spectacular LED backdrops that display colourful and detailed palace and forest scenes, as well as state of the art lighting and sound effects. The song and dance sequences are very professional and even incorporate Latin, Country and Rag-Time beats. This musical boasts of stunning costumes which have been designed by top Indian and international costume designers. King Orion, played delightfully by Vishal Asrani, has been trapped inside her magic mirror by the evil queen. It was really funny and quirky the way, he interacted with the Queen, each time she asked “who is the fairest in the land”. Nilima Mehra as queen Evilina, displayed a really mean streak that was most effective. Shubhangi Mehrotra as Snow White looked beautiful in her lovely dress, and curly ringlets in her hair. She sang and danced well too. Andy Hegde as Prince Charming was also quite good.

Another impressive aspect of this production was that it sent out some good messages, by emphasising on the importance of using words like ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’, And also by highlighting values like forgiveness and empathy, and that Beauty is not merely skin deep. This creative retelling of this classic fairy tale with a new twist, regaled the audience with a beautiful message to take home! A very enjoyable and well mounted production indeed.

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