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Corporate heavyweights comprise the larger institutional investors in social responsibility by mandate but there is a need for the individual investors – a larger and potentially untapped resource – to bridge the gap that will make social responsibility integral to the common man.

Social Solutions is the means for every individual to invest in society and make a difference without being made to feel guilty, humbled and apologetic.ssi logo

Associated with Munes Khanna, MD & CEO- Centrum Capital, Dr. Bharati Chawathe -Spring Psychotherapy Centre, Social Solutions India  is managed by Shirin Juwaley and Batull Tavawala, both professionals with over 20 yrs experience in the development sector.

Social Solutions’ business model has been designed to cater to the neglected communication/funding needs of the NGOs, using existing tools to gain maximum leverage and develop an approach which can be easily integrated with the extensive globalization and its impact on social values and economic trends. The emerging power of multinationals and the growing success of ethical consumerism reveals the need for increased awareness for Socially Responsible Investing (SRI).

Social Solutions continuously strives to actualize and simplify every individual’s desire of giving with an aim to gratify every individual’s yearning to serve mankind.

List of Services

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs):        

Assessing and addressing communication and other needs of NGOs

Combining brand building, advocacy & fund raising through inclusive campaigns

Mobilizing resources for NGOs in the field of health, education, environment & infrastructure and other issues

Generating volunteer base

Incubation of income generating activities


Enhancing the Corporate Social Responsibility and Return on Investment

Facilitating between NGOs, Corporates, Ad Agencies & Media

Creating appropriate channels for disbursement of funds



On-site support


Providing guidance to those seeking to contribute

Assuring time and money is spent well to increase impact

Creating appropriate channels for funding

Creating appropriate opportunities for giving and reduced investment risk

At the core of every project, lies a transformation of approach.

Social Solutions continually strives to mould the relation between CSOs and donors from dependence to interdependence. The metamorphosis allows to create a platform where Donors invest in social development and NGOs quality control and thereby quantify their models of outreach.

Going beyond the crucial monetary need, tangible and sustainable models are created that are customized to leverage and strengthen existing programs.

[quote]Our association is diverse; our vision is pervasive, our horizons are broadened.

In Us we see each one of U playing the torch bearing role of making a difference.

Because we believe that in every you exists a universe of humble acts extending social responsibility beyond economic development of the under privileged.[/quote]

That’s the core value of Social Solutions, an institution dedicated to make every NGO sustainable and self reliant and thereby making society.


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