St. Joseph's Primary school have allowed a community fridge to be installed in their compound near the first gate towards Hill Road. This has been done with the help of NGO's like NESH, Rotary Club and Daughters of St. Paul.

The idea is that every poor and hungry person can come and take a meal from the fridge at any time. This is a community fridge so the people around can come and put food in the fridge, you can bring cooked food, bananas, apples, even your leftovers so that the aim is no one goes hungry to sleep.

You can also donate clothes that you do not want or what your children have outgrown. There is a big space next to the fridge for that too.

Please spread the word to all your friends in Bandra who would like to help in this way.

Thank You!

The above message has been retweeted on Twitter by various handles, it is a wonderful initiative as we see a lot of destitute and homeless on the streets at Bandra West. The least we as a community can do is make sure they don't go hungry. Mumbai Mirror has done a wonderful video story on the same which I am embedding below.