ST PETER’S Youth Groups

ST PETER’S Youth Groups

st petersSt. Peter’s seems to be a parish of the young and young-at-heart, as is apparent by the number of Youth Groups all involved in various activities for the parish. The parish currently has four groups targetting the youth.

It is worth mentioning that the Youth Groups are not just about fun and games but also social service and outreach programmes. They give the parish youth healthy recreational outlets while providing them with useful skills like event management, fund raising, volunteering and more.

Channelising the parish youth began as early as 1964 with the Youth Centre, followed by the Youth Social Service (YSS) in 1970, the Youth For Youth (YFY) which started in 1986 and the Youth Group which formed in 2003.


The St. Peters’s youth centre was formed in 1964 by Rev. Fr. Joseph Marciel and Rev Fr. Barjou, along with a handful of dedicated young men. The centre is in the St. Stanislaus school premises and has the backing of the Church and School authorities.

The centre’s main objective was to provide healthy recreational facilities for the youth of the parish. It would also have several social events to enable the members to spend their time in a better and more useful manner.

As of today, the centre has grown in membership. There has been an appreciable increase in the facilities provided and also involvement of the members in various activities. This has always been a kind of transition stage from school to the outside world. That is why a member has to have finished school before joining.

The youth centre enables the members to develop better relationships, good habits, become responsible citizens, volunteer in many humane activities and to learn how to manage many events.

The many games and activities in the centre have attracted members till today. Some of the activities and games are Carom, Table Tennis, Billiards, Card games (Bridge and other games ) reading facilities , Cable TV and Music. The founder members, senior and other members have served the centre with utmost dedication and their hard work has ensured the continuity of the centre.

One of the most prominent activities of the centre has been the annual hockey tournament, held on the Donnelly ground of St. Stanislaus. This tournament has been the breeding ground for many a budding hockey player and we has even produced national and international players like Fortunato Franco, Mario Rocha (football), Marcellus Gomes (hockey) to name a few.

The Centre also plays host to “Akanksha” an NGO dedicated to the education of the poor and the under privileged children. In this way we try and ensure that these children do not fall prey to the bad elements in society and turn out to be good citizens.

A new project by the centre is the refurbishing of the pews n the church.


The St Peter’s Youth Social Service popularly called the YSS, was founded by Fr Douglas Rowe, S.J., on 1st March, 1970, along with the other founder members, i.e. Mr Clarence A Gomes, Fr Richard D’Souza, Mr Benjamin Saldanha, Mr Claude Baretto and Mr Jimmy Machado. This five men army was the off shoot of the St Peter’s Summer Holiday Club, where they enrolled themselves as volunteers.

With an investment of Re. 1/- each, they totally aggregated Rs 5/- of their monthly pocket money, to establish the YSS, which today has an enormous budget running into thousands of Rupees to undertake community need based activities.

The ongoing projects promoted by the YSS are in the areas of a subsidized Parish library, free employment bureau, blood donation camps, distribution of free text books to needy children of Bandra, organizing a Summer Holiday Club for school children whose parents cannot afford taking them out for Summer vacations and raising funds on auspicious occasions, like Christmas, etc.

The other community based activities undertaken are the Medical Camps conducted to promote awareness, interaction meetings with police and municipal authorities and recreational projects to enhance employment for the youth.

The Organisation is now in its 36th year of its existence and much of its success attained is primarily due to the motto it follows “We serve others to show we care”.


St. Peter’s Youth for Youth is a group of dedicated college and working youth. It was established on 10th July, 1986 under the guidance of Fr. Ribes S.J. this is a non-profit organization and its aim is to foster a healthy spirit of fellowship among one and all, through various programmes, academic, social, cultural. The group is highly motivated by its present Chaplin Fr. Juan S.J.


In 2005-2006 we educated 20 drop outs from different schools. 10 students paid no fees at all but the rest paid rupees 100 per month. Each student was provided with exercise & text books, first-aid box, journal/pictures, computer classes & were taught each subject thoroughly for 4-10 hours.


With the assistance of the Christian family movement & well wishers we were able to provide Fowler beds, walkers & crutches to 40 Families free of cost.


We provided food to 45 street children & 5 families free of cost for 8 months, 4 times a week.


At the St. Peter’s Computer Centre we teach the basics in computers at a very nominal rate & occasionally free.


St. Peter’s Youth For Youth are the best in India when it comes to the adaptation of the German Tele-Games. A number of churches & companies have requested us to organize and conduct these games for them.


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