St.Stanislaus High School

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[quote]Since its humble beginings in 1863, thousands of students have passed through St. Stanislaus and excelled in all walks of life. For many of our students the journey through St. Stanislaus remains the most memorable and our boys proudly wear the “Stanislite” badge through life.
This epitomizes the spirit of St. Stanislaus-recognition, respect and brotherhood in all walks of life.

A Stanislite is “Born for Greater things”[/quote]

Jude Fernandes SJ

St. Stanislaus is a public school affiliated to the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education. St. Stanislaus High School was founded in 1863 as an orphanage and has risen to become one of the leading educational institutions in Mumbai. The school is run by the Fathers and Brothers of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), a religious congregation internationally known for their educational work.

Education at St. Stanislaus is based on the SIPS framework which describes and integrates education along four dimensions Social, Intellectual, Personal and Spiritual education.

  • Social education addresses issues and opportunities in society and its sustainability; it has a special focus on the challenges of the marginalized.
  • Intellectual education focuses on the application of subjects like Mathematics, Science, Economics and Humanities.
  • Personal education looks to developing personal skills, arts & dramatics and sports.
  • Spiritual education seeks to grow and respect all faiths and belief systems.

Jesuit Certificate Program:

The Jesuit Certificate Program is a formal program tailored to the Jesuit needs of transformational education as outlined in the seminal document on 21st century Jesuit education. The JCP supplements the board-mandated curriculum with a holistic program that enables a transformation based on the SIPS Framework – Social, Intellectual, Personal and Spiritual education.

The ambition is to grow resourceful, thinking citizens for the 21st century committed to the service of others.

The JCP targets the 7th to the 10th standard students providing them with skills and inputs that are not available through the regular curricula. At the end of the program the student is awarded a Jesuit Certificate issued by the Jesuit Educational Council.

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St. Stanislaus Ex-students Association:

The St. Stanislaus Ex-students Association , first started by Fr. Joseph Casasayas SJ in 1936 is a not-for-profit organization aimed at assisting alumni (ex-students and ex-staff members) to network and to support and drive activities that can help the school grow qualitatively. The mission of the association is to create an environment that encourages Stanislites to live the motto of the school in all walks of life.

[quote]With grateful hearts we sing your praise, 

Dear school our joy and pride[/quote]

echoes through the walls of the 150 yr old St. Stanislaus High School standing proud since 1863.


Contact address:

St. Stanislaus High School,

65, Ramdas Nayak Marg (Hill Road),
Bandra, Mumbai-400 050,

Telephone: (91 22) 26430386