Starkids Speech and Creative Drama Academy

Starkids Speech and Creative Drama Academy

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Starkids is a Speech And Creative Drama Academy for children aged 4 to 13 years.

At Starkids we work on a child’s confidence, diction, clarity, vocabulary, voice projection, voice modulation, creativity, team-work skills, individuality, imagination, social skills through various fun theatre games in a non- threatening atmosphere.

The classes are fast- paced and fun and allow full student participation. Starkids develops ALL children, from the shy to the outgoing with plenty of positive encouragement. Our specialty is using a wide range of unique drama activities to focus the bold, outspoken child and to draw out the quiet child or the inarticulate child and help them discover their full potential.

Enthusiastic students who learn to speak out clearly and relate confidently with others will have an inside track to lifetime success. These skills are not instinctive. They must be taught and developed. Most Speech and Drama classes focus on boring drama exams. Starkids is focused on edutainment. The difference is dramatic!


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