Sukho Thai - Relaxing foot massages

Sukho Thai - Relaxing foot massages

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The word Sukho is derived from the Sanskrit word “Sukh” which stands for happiness and Thai is taken from Thailand. Sukho Thai is considered to be the first true Thai kingdom. Founded by Khun Pha Muang and Khun Bang Klang Thao in 1238, the Kingdom was named by its rulers “the dawn of happiness”-Sukho Thai. The Sukhothai period is often considered the golden era of Thai history.

Sukho Thai is the latest stimulating venture of entrepreneur Mr. Shailesh Kesari Patil. Apart from a strong background in the Travel & Tourism, Shailesh has an inherent passion for customer service and hospitality. It was, in fact, the enthusiastic feedback regarding Thai foot massages that inspired this exciting initiative.

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Thai Traditional Foot Massage

A relaxing massage for tired legs and feet which will help you ease muscle fatigue and reduce tension in the most forgotten part of the body.

Foot Massage with Scrub

Combining the technique of foot massage with a scrub will help clear the dead skin from the feet while gently refreshing the tired feet.

Foot Massage with Back, Head and Shoulder

The perfect selection when both head and feet need tender health-giving care. Fingers gently massage the head and shoulders to release built up tension in addition to a rejuvenating foot massage to create a relaxing experience for body and mind.

Foot Massage with Hot Stones

The technique of using hot stones in massage therapies is one of the most popular and frequently experienced. The heat from the warmed basalt (volcano rock) translates into a deep relaxing form of massage which helps release muscle tension.

Foot Massage with Herb Bun

The use of steam heated herbal compresses is now becoming a very popular add-on to traditional massages. A Special bun combines a blend of 23 aromatic and therapeutic herbs have an invigorating effect to stimulate the senses.

Sukho Thai is Passionately Committed to Total Quality Spa Services, with continual delivery of value additions. We uphold the highest ethical standards and believe in creating new benchmarks in the SPA industry.


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