Suzette Creperie & Cafe reviewed by Ginni.

Suzette Creperie & Cafe reviewed by Ginni.

Overall rating: 4/5 – Amazing crepes. Loved the experience.

My second visit:

Suzette never ceases to surprise me with its awesome food experience. My second visit was no different from my first encounter in terms of excitement, merriment, and the divine food. Their niche product – crepe – is just delicious and continues to give me a gravitational pull whenever I am in its vicinity. I love the combination of a crepe and Mango smoothie where the latter is also amazingly fresh without any sugar content. As always, this place gives one of the best breakfasts where the freshness floods my palate. Being a vegetarian and an exercise freak, their two aspects of healthiness and novelty in terms of ingredients matter a lot to me, and Suzette meets both the aforementioned standards. The experience at this place always makes me feel good, and this visit was just a part of my many future visits.
My first encounter:
A beautiful Sunday morning and an incredible breakfast. After my five-day respite from the writing endeavor, I am back with the review of one of my most memorable breakfast experiences. My excitement to visit a restaurant is a harbinger of disappointment most of the times, but Suzette turned out to be an exception. I, finally, strike off Suzette from my “Restaurants – Yet to experience” list, and I am glad that our experience ended on a note of happiness. Our visit was well planned, and on a beautiful Sunday morning, we reached Suzette at sharp 9:30 AM. Located at Pali Hill, this cute little place can be seen on one of the most busiest streets. As space is always a concern in Bandra and Pali Hill, Suzette with a very congested set up is no exception in this aspect. The first look does leave you in disarray with tables so close that the person sitting next to you might accuse you for eavesdropping; however, soon the reality hits you hard, and the sight of people enjoying their food does raise the bar of your expectations.
After an extensive workout, our voracious appetite did not let us contemplate over the food; ergo, we quickly ordered an Italie veg crepe, a spinach and mushroom omelette, and a mango smoothie. Their Italie veg crepe is supposed to have roquette leaves; however, due to its unavailability, we asked our server to substitute it with olives, and, in a courteous manner, she agreed.
Food: 4/5
Crepe is their niche product, and I was having it for the first time. The flux following its look and feel is definitely comprehendible as its sight is not heavenly or divine but do not go by its appearance. The real pleasure lies in its taste. The first bite surprised me with the smoothness of cheese, and I was lost in its taste. The filling in the crepe was absolutely stellar, and it was enhancing the overall flavours. My husband and I were supposed to share it; however, I forgot that part and finished it all alone due to its deliciousness. The blend of cheese, olives, my favorite  sundried tomatoes, pine nuts with basil pesto was incredible, and the flavours flooded my palate. For me, this crepe was finger licking good, and it was one of the best breakfasts I had in recent times.
Spinach and mushroom omelette:
I simply love indulging myself into various egg dishes on Sunday, particularly. According to me, mushrooms and spinach go great with eggs; hence, I ordered a spinach and mushroom omelette. Again, it was too good and was cooked with perfection. Alongside, it had appropriate creaminess and tenderness. I loved the savoury taste of mushrooms, and the result was the incredible harmony in the dish. However, I did not like just one aspect. The bread was over toasted for me, and as a result, it was a tad hard. Also, I felt that the bread slices were small. Apart from these two aforementioned aspects, I did like the dish from overall perspective.
Mango smoothie:
This was amazingly fresh, and the no sugar aspect made it very healthy. As far as I know, Suzette’s modus operandi is to use natural things; hence, the use of real mango made that smoothie absolutely heavenly. The viscosity was high, and it was more of a Mango shake, but the taste of real mango was really zesty. My husband ordered it as he knew that they serve great mango smoothie; however, in hindsight, I should also have ordered it.
Service and Ambiance: 3.5/5
The place is always full; hence, you might have to deal with some waiting time in most of the scenarios, especially during breakfasts. As already mentioned, it is a small and congested place; hence, prepare yourselves to overhear the conversations of others. Located in one of the posh locations of Pali hill, the crowd is good and lively.The service is good, and the staff is humble; however, nothing extraordinary. The quality of service does meet your expectations, and it does not disappoint you. As they make fresh crepes, the order might take some time. Our crepe took 20 minutes. The bill was cleared in an appropriate manner; hence, I was satisfied with the service. Another quality aspect, their activeness on social media, particularly Twitter.

Suzette is expensive for some obvious reasons: their niche product and fresh & healthy aspect. However, it is value for money because the food is different and very good. Again, value for money does not reflect the affordability of the place, instead, it reflects whether the money you spent justified the food, place, and the entire experience. Suzette creperie & café is actually an epitome of the three aforementioned aspects.

The entire food gave me an incredible peace and harmony. The feeling of fresh and healthy breakfast stayed with me throughout the day. While writing this review, my brain is craving for their delicious crepe and mango smoothie, and my first encounter with Suzette was just a very tiny part of my several future visits.

Value for money: 4/5