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Talwalkars Fitness

talwalkars logoTalwalkars Better Value Fitness Limited, commonly known as Talwalkars, is one of India’s largest chain of health centres. It has over 130 ultramodern branches across 70 cities in the country, with over 1,25,000 members.

Talwalkars growth can be attributed directly to the trust customers have in us, and the benefits they derive from expert advice, personalized supervision, result-oriented approach, and Talwalkars know-how and experience in this field since the first gym being set up in Mumbai in 1932 and now offering a diverse set of services including gyms, spas, aerobics and health counselling.

Services offered:

  • Talwalkars Hi-Fi – Talwalkars – Healthy India Fit India

HI FI, a brand designed at making fitness a part of people’s lifestyle and a business modelled to provide assured returns, backed by the guidance and assurance of India’s biggest name in health and fitness “Talwalkars”.

HI FI is an active, dynamic, edgy and joyful brand, with the buzzing environment of a fitness channel. A brand and experience that informs, inspires and enthuses the society to be Healthy & Fit. A Movement that spreads Fitness around Country… it is ‘Healthy India Fit India’.

HI FI is compact affordable fitness community centre that will take fitness to Tier I II III IV towns and even catchment areas of metro cities which can be started with very low investment. Return On Investment of these models are designed to be upwards of 35% going even up to 50% giving a payback of 2.5 years, making this a very profitable business opportunity.

  • Talwalkars NuForm

Talwalkars introduces NuForm in India; an advanced EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) training for helping and improving the fitness levels. NuForm is an innovative breakthrough in fitness industry, a user friendly result oriented programme. It gives a body workout in just 20 minutes per week and helping your stay fit.

NuForm is simply amazing when compared to traditional approach yet highly effective in short span of time.

Principle of NuForm; as the name suggests works on electrical impulses which exercises the deeper muscles resulting in better muscular movements and also strengthens muscle groups within just 20 minutes per week.

Benefits of NuForm Training are

•             Weight Loss

•             Muscular Strength and Endurance

•             Enhanced Flexibility

•             Back Pain Relief

NuForm is a proven exercise form; the experience and success of the NuForm members with these exercise talks for itself. Read more what they have to say with “Celebrate Success with NuForm”.

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  • Talwalkars Zumba
  • Talwalkars Reduce

REDUCE is diet based weight loss program which fits into your daily routine comfortably, without any special workout schedules. It helps in effectively losing weight and in effective weight management.

REDUCE can be performed anytime, anywhere – home or office. The low calorie, high fibre foods and nutritionally balanced natural food products which are tasty and convenient; without any hassles of cooking ensures that there is no unwanted starvation, restriction or untimely cravings and leads to pure loss of fat and not water or muscle mass. Losing weight and maintaining target weight is made easy with the timely and the regular checks and monitoring from your dieticians. But at the same time, REDUCE doesn’t require daily visits to the health center. Thus it cuts out travel time and does not interfere with your busy schedules.

REDUCE is a completely revamped weight loss program that’s easy, sensible, healthy and is the pride of our food technologists! REDUCE is one of the best technique ever developed to achieve weight loss for people reluctant or unable to exercise regularly; especially those with hectic work schedules.

  • Talwalkars David Lloyd

Talwalkars David Lloyd Leisure Consulting aims to provide consulting for leisure and sports clubs in high-end residential developments, gated community townships and corporate campuses. The joint venture’s key areas of focus will be: consulting, execution, management and operations of leisure and sports clubs. David Lloyd Leisure has 30 years’ worth of unparalleled expertise and strategic knowledge on costs, implementation and execution of such clubs. The very same insights and know-how will now be available in the Indian market to ensure the successful launch of such projects.

The Talwalkars David Lloyd Leisure Consulting experience is perfectly integrated for townships, residential high rise developments, and corporate campuses and offers a premium, aspirational lifestyle experience to its members.

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  • Training Academy

Established in the year 2007 in Thane, Talwalkars Training Academy is a complete training centre offering aspiring candidates dedicated to providing cutting-edge programming and educational information to aspiring health and fitness professionals.

A significant part of the training is focused on the nuances of fitness, incorporating both practical and theoretical classes on topics ranging from weight training, cardiovascular fitness, special populations, nutrition, on the job training as well as appropriate behaviour, norms & prevailing corporate culture.

Students get access to exclusive research information and industry trends, including articles, instructor forums, training information, product and programming updates, and special editorial features by noted leaders in the fitness industry. In Talwalkars tradition, the academy supports research and education in exercise science and fitness.

Corporate Memberships:

Our corporate wellness programmes help increase the confidence of employees by promoting mental and physical health that leads to improved performance not just on the job but also in daily life. Our programmes are generally built towards teams strengthening team spirit and improving the employer-employee loyalty-relationship. All this and much more invariably keeps the overall organisation’s spirit high.

The Talwalkars Corporate Wellness Programme and proper nutrition knowledge can help your organization nurture its biggest asset – its human capital!

We understand you and your hectic work schedules which is why Talwalkars offers a range of customized employee fitness/wellness solutions for corporate conglomerates:

•     Gym memberships

•     Corporate wellness programme

•     Weight loss programme

•     Zumba fitness programme

•     In-office NuForm workouts

•     Gym set-up consulting services

•     Facility management

Talwalkars not only offers you the latest technology in fitness but also the fabulous services, expertise and flexibility of Talwalkars which made us brand name in the fitness industry.


Talwalkars Gym

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Talwalkars Nu Form Studio

No. 22, Jewel Arcade, Waterfield Road,

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