Ten things you didn't know about Toto's Garage

For years I would walk past Toto's Garage without ever going in as I always assumed it would be one of those typical noisy pubs where you cant hear what the other person is saying over all the noise and loud music. One fine day a friend suggested we go there and from then on it has become my favorite place whenever I have to meet an acquaintance not from Bandra. The following are highlights which makes Toto's what it is; a hit with the old and new generation.

Below are the Ten things you probably didn't know about Toto's Garage

1. Toto's Garage started operations in 1992 it was a joint venture between Mr.Laju Bhatia & Mr.Totlani with creative inputs from Bollywood art director, Bijon Dasgupta.

2. Located in a by lane, in Bandra’s famous Pali Naka it was the first pub of it’s kind during a time when such activities were frowned upon & were yet to gain momentum. The pub got it’s name from a famous rock band at that time.

3. Toto's Garage is one of the few pubs known for it’s punctual timings wherein shutters down at 1 a.m sharp and open at 6.00p.m.

4. The décor for Toto's Garage was inspired by various automobiles & magazines from an era gone by.

5. Toto's Garage is famous for it’s rock music with occasional classic hits from the 80s and 90s.In the 26 years since it’s inception not once have they resorted to Bollywood music to attract the new generation.

6. While many pubs in today's time, offer different rates on ladies night, couple entry, etc., Toto’s doesn’t discriminate based on gender or marital status. Same rates apply to everyone as long as you’re of legal age. No cover charge is needed to enter and you just need to pay for your food & drinks that you order.

7. A must have dish on the Toto’s menu is their famous Kheema pav and Chicken chilli.

chicken tikka at Toto's Garage
A plate of chicken tikka which I really enjoyed

8 . Another unique feature of Toto’s are the number plates hanging on the wall. Each one was contributed by a guest visiting the pub and each one has it’s own story to tell. Toto’s is one of it’s kind and is a brand in it’s own way which in layman’s terms means if you want to visit Toto’s you have to come to Bandra and not anywhere else.

Number plates at Toto's Garage
The various number plates contributed by patrons including the first sing depicting the inaugral year of Totos

9. Although they have a DJ, he stays hidden from public view in a retro style truck which is fixed to the ceiling and can only be accessed from the back entrance. A sign on the truck clearly states that music requests will not be entertained. Bar fights rarely break out and even if they do, they are immediately resolved amongst the parties involved.

The Dj's console at Toto's Garage
The Dj's console

10. Several staff members have been working for the past twenty six years wearing the same uniform. Apart from the friendly staff, the food & service has remained unchanged for the past two decades since it’s inauguration.

Oldie at Toto's Garage
One of the older waiters whose been around since it's inception