TFAC -The Fine Art Company

TFAC -The Fine Art Company


The Fine Art Company was founded by Geetu Hinduja in 1998 as a gallery space and reinvented itself as a consultancy in 2004. 14 years since its inception, TFAC has always encouraged and supported young and emerging talent and has played a large role in establishing some of the artists in the contemporary art world.

TFAC has also worked closely with museums, corporate houses, hotels and other organizations in advising them on art and helping with art acquisitions and commissions.

In 2012 TFAC reopened as a small gallery and hosted a few art shows exhibiting small works. In 2013 The Fine Art Company is launching a new initiative – TFAC STUDIO, which will be a project space by the Company operating from Bandra.

It will act as a multidisciplinary and interactive space for artists, curators, film makers, writers, designers, and the likes buzzing with several events, workshops, art shows, talks, seminars, music gigs in its small intimate space.

TFAC STUDIO encourages new and emerging talent and aims to be an incubator in helping all creative individuals generate new ideas giving room to experiment and ponder.


tfac logoTFAC Studio,

2, Evergreen Society,

Waterfield Road,

Bandra West,

Mumbai – 400 050.

Ph: +91 22 26424897 +91 22 26430150



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