Tharu Mukhi Bandhar, Khar.

Tharu Mukhi Bandhar, Khar.

Tharu Sweets is a family-run business which manufactures and sells authentic Sindhi Sweets since 1968.The legacy of our business comprises of our constant commitment to quality. This reflects in our endeavour to provide rich delicious sweets made with Pure Desi Ghee.

Our history goes back to the year 1920. In this year we had a flourishing business in Undivided India. The pioneer of our business is Seth Mukhi Tharu who discovered his interest in making and selling sweets in the pre-independence era. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and his journey began at the ‘dakh bazaar’ in a small village of Shikarpur , situated in the Sindh province of Pakistan. We used to manufacture and sell sweets under the name “Nanu Tharu” along with our partner. Our shop was frequently visited by our community people.

In the year 1947, our family settled in India as refugees prior to Independence. In 1948, Seth Mukhi Tharu refused to accept a refugee fund. He was confident of his ‘halwai’ skills and he believed that it would help him to make a living. One day, he made Gulab Jamuns for sale at the camp which turned out to be a complete sell-out. Gradually, we got a small space to manufacture and sell sweets on a stall in the compound of Mumbadevi temple, Zaveri Bazaar, Bombay.

In the year 1964, we opened a shop at Zaveri Bazaar along with several partners of our community who were also facing post- partition hardships. All the activities were majorly supervised by Seth Mukhi Tharu.

In 1968, we started a shop at Khar, western suburbs of Mumbai, India and that is where we are currently located. We cater to all kinds of our community festivals like Lal Loi, Makarsankranti , Basant Panchmi, Shivratri, Holi, Thadri, Raksha Bandhan, Diwali and Mahadev Ka Sagda. Each of these festivals has its own significance in our culture and each of these gives us an opportunity to serve festival special sweets. Besides these, our Sunday Menu includes Sindhi Curry and Dal Pakwan which are special recipes that we Sindhis have inherited from our ancestors. The business is now handled by the fourth-generation of Seth Mukhi Tharu.

Our motto is to stay connected to our roots and keep the culture alive. Today, we carry forward the legacy and serve our community to our fullest potential on the two pillars of Culture and Quality.

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Laced doilee in maida: Tharu’s Mukhi Bhandar, Khar.

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Tharu Sweets , Mukhi Bhandar.

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