The Basket Case - Homemade goodies

The Basket Case - Homemade goodies

basket case 2A few basket cases who love good food and love sharing it are sniffing out and sending you a basket full of delicious finds every month.

The Basket Case is the brain child of a few basket cases who believe in two things – Live To Eat and Sharing is Caring. Every month we will deliver a basket filled with goodies made by some of the city’s best yet hidden foodie talent.

Homemade bacon butter, Mango jam, hummus, dips, freshly baked breads and delicious desserts made by home chefs and caterers. You can follow our noses around town as we sniff out and send you a basket full of delicious finds. You could also send us on a fun food hunt by giving us clues to your favourite home chef’s kitchen.

Little baskets of joy  and filled with homemade goodies.

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The Basket Case,

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