Sanitization services for Mattresses, Pillows and Sofas with Germ Busters

Sanitization services for Mattresses, Pillows and Sofas with Germ Busters

We are living in hard times. The average age of a person is reduced by 1.7 years in India courtesy of the bad air quality index and ever increasing pollution emitted by vehicles, biological and industrial waste. It all settles indoors via the window panes, invisible gases, carbon monoxide, pesticides and so on form the hazardous dust and particles at home. An alarming fact indeed! Trust Germ Busters to come to your rescue with aid in mattress cleaning.

While the market will now be busy introducing air purifiers and oxygen masks to promote healthy breathing indoors, beware of something as adverse and hidden to the naked guy in the interiors of your home – Dust and Mite! A leading cause for poor immunity and several visits to the medical practitioner.

A universal concern

Do you know Farhan Akhtar is a self proclaimed cleanliness freak. He likes to have things organized at home else it adversely affects his concentration. Farhan Akhtar organizes his books alphabetically for some odd reason and can't help but clean the mess before he sits down to work.

We deserve cleanliness to boost and maintain our immune system and be resistant to the ever changing and extreme climate changes. Many residents settle for dusting, mopping and sweeping as their daily cleanliness ritual. But the breeding ground for dust and mites is found in mattresses, pillows, chairs and sofa. Mattress cleaning is one of the most overlooked & concerning unit of furniture which requires regular Sanitization.

Indoor Pollution is caused by dust, mites, pests ( cockroaches, mice, rats), smoking or passive smoking, and contaminated air from the doors and windows. If overlooked it can cause chronic illness of the respiratory tract, asthma and severe cough / chest congestion.

Health Facts

  • If you wake up with acne or pimple it is most likely caused by dusty pillows and mattresses
  • If you have an unexplained itch or rash / insomnia in all likelihood is caused by dust.
  • Your clothing carries germs from car furniture, workplace furniture which one carries to bed.
  • If you keep needing cough syrups, cold medication and run a temperature, you know what is to blame!

We need to keep a check of our surroundings and periodically have it sanitized by professionals for the sake of our health.

Cleaning Advise – Take Germ Busters service twice in a year and maintain the same cleanliness by daily dusting ritual of the home. A clean home feels heavenly and more welcoming in nature.

Here's the process breakdown provided by the innovative sanitization company Germ Busters:

  • The technician arrives with the equipment, consisting of a vacuum, steamer and UV sterilizer.
  • He patiently executes the operation. Working on one unit of furniture at a time.
  • He humbly responds to any queries and doubts you may have
  • The first step is to vacuum clean the entire unit which sucks out the hidden germs. He collects the dirt on a piece of paper. You can examine the amount of dirt drawn out by the machine towards the end.
  • Followed by UV sterilization which disinfects bacteria and germs thus preventing them from multiplying.
  • The final process is with a steamer which aids in complete elimination of germs with maximum efficiency and minimum hassle

Germ Busters is unique, innovative and genuine in its approach. It is an instant hit among the urban population who require fast and efficient sanitization services. It promotes consistent immunity, boosts mood and overall health. The pricing is a bit on the higher end with services offered in few thousands, yet it is totally worth the money. Encourage good health and tag someone who needs the service today.

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