The Best Pani Puri In Bandra, No it is not Elco!

Who doesn’t love chaat and Pani Puri is the queen of chaat’s, but where do you get the Best Pani Puri In Bandra? Let’s cut the hype and give you a local POV.

Local Favorites

I am amazed at how the best places are not so popular among the visitors. Bandra restaurants and cafes are mostly visited by outsiders from other suburbs. They follow the hype. There are few places like Elco and Stomach which are hugely popular but I have never seen any locals recommending them.

This is the reason why I run this hyperlocal website and community. We want to reward and nurture the best keep secrets and help other people discover the culture and recreation. We are the gatekeepers of good taste and values.


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Only Bandra people say that this guy (Karachi sweets) is better than Elco pani puri

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Star Power – Karachi Sweets Pani Puri Wala

I am not really a Pani poori person, but when I saw a few bandraites raving about this guy at Karachi Sweets (at Hill Road, Opp Nature’s Basket), I thought I should try it and I am hooked. The star of this outlet is this person in the photograph. He is a rather colourful character. He is sometimes extremely charming and pushy ( He asked me to tell the owner of the outlet where he works how fabulous he is) and sometimes arrogant. He sings sometimes for you and sometimes he is lost in this thoughts as if you don’t exist.

He doesn’t take instruction well, I like sweet, but he gave me Katta (sour), but after an experience of decades, you really don’t expect him to listen. Whatever said, he is a Pani Puri Wala Star! Bandraites love his Pani poori for him. Karachi Sweets owner might feel a bit threatened by his star power even and I hope they don’t get insecure.

Don’t believe me, read the comments below.

Best Pani Puri In Bandra
Best Pani Puri In Bandra
Best Pani Puri In Bandra
Best Pani Puri In Bandra