The Danceworx Academy

The Danceworx Academy


The Danceworx Academy was set up in November of 1998 by Ashley Lobo to teach dance along the lines of dance institutes overseas. Currently its curriculum consists of styles such as Jazz, Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Social Dance styles.

The aim of The Danceworx Academy is to develop the student’s creative potential to the highest possible level and to train and channelise young talent under the able guidance of well-trained teachers in an atmosphere of fun, love and values.



The Danceworx has regular classes for 9 months of the year. In these classes, students are taught the dance vocabulary of the select style. The curriculum is pre-set by the Artistic Director and is followed stringently. The dance instruction program is divided into 7 levels ranging from Beginners to Advanced. Each level has a pre-set syllabus designed by the Artistic Director. Students move from one level to another based on clearly specified requisites within the syllabus. The time taken for a student to move from one level to another may vary depending on individual aptitude and their ability to meet these pre-set requisites.

A technical dance class focuses on stability, alignment, strength and flexibility. The class works on balance, turns and extensions relating specifically to jazz. It also teaches basic musicality and physical, choreographic and rhythmic dynamics.

Classes are taught by faculty members who work with the Artistic Director Ashley Lobo and who are members of The Danceworx Repertory Company.


Twice a year, The Danceworx conducts 6-week workshops,, where every single student is taught and given an opportunity to perform on stage in front of a live audience. These workshops culminate in stage-shows at public auditoriums. The workshops are open to everyone and all those taking part get an opportunity to perform on stage.

Students are introduced to creative movement and encouraged to discover the unique ways in which the body may express itself. The key, however, is to have fun and build self-confidence.


Our dance curriculum comprises of 2 parts – technique and performance

In regular classes, we teach more technique and less performance skills.

At the workshops, we teach more performance skills and less technique.

We believe that technique and performance ability are equally important. It’s no use having all the technique and not being able to communicate it effectively and vice-versa.

Hence, The Danceworx academic year is divided into 4-1/2 months of regular class, 1-1/2 months of workshop & performance followed by another 4-1/2 months of regular class and 1-1/2 months of workshop and performance.

The whole idea is to teach the particular dance language at a certain level and then get the students to test themselves with that information at a workshop in front of a live audience. Two workshops a year give the students ample opportunity to set goals as they move from level to level. The whole system is very similar to normal school. Where regular classes are like your regular classes at school and the workshops are like your term exams – except here the examiner is you and there are no grades, just a lot of fun.


Dance Styles

The styles taught include:


Funk Jazz

A stylized combination of street funk, hip-hop and pop similar to styles seen in music videos of Destiny’s Child, Britney Spears and Janet Jackson.

 Lyrical Jazz                                                                                                 

Typified by lyrical movement this form is slow and expressive with an emphasis on technique: adagio / floor / barre & center.

Theatre Jazz / Broadway Jazz

Includes choreographic styles of various Broadway choreographers such as Bob Fosse, Jerome Robbins, etc. who have choreographed musicals like Chicago, West Side Story, Chorus Line, etc


Similar to the style performed by The Danceworx Repertory Company – contemporary dance with some classical foundations and a strong emphasis on natural movement with a focus on center and fluidity in movement. Workouts may vary to include Yoga and other Eastern forms of physical movement. The movement philosophy is based on natural elements such as gravity, momentum, etc and the art of combining these to work in collusion with the body.


Provides a sound grounding in basic ballet positions and movement drawn from an R.A.D. syllabus.


A fun way to discover you and/or your partner. The class is basically about teaching students enough to able to go out dancing and have a great time.  Styles taught include: Salsa, Samba, Meringue, Cha Cha Cha, Jive, Waltz, Fox Trot & Tango.


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